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Cedar Shake

Synthetic Cedar Shake Roofing - Brava Shake

  • Best overall cedar shake alternative roofing shingles
  • Environmentally friendly composite roofing material
  • Comes in 5", 7" and 12" widths for ease of installation and natural look
  • Varied thickness and stunning “split texture” of natural wood
  • 50 year limited warranty -  longer life expectancy than cedar roofs and siding
  • Available in any color or custom color combination
  • Class 4 impact rating - the highest in the industry
  • Available in Class A and Class C fire rating
  • No breakage, no special tools and numerous accessory pieces available
Brava Roof Tile
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Composite Cedar Shake Colors

*We can create any custom color or color combination

Cedar Shake Roofing Alternative

When searching for a cedar shake roof alternative, Brava’s synthetic shake roofing tiles should be at the top of your list. Our polymer shingles have all of the true to life natural beauty and rustic split textures of real cedar, combined with the incredible benefits of a composite roofing material. When it comes to quality and craftsmanship, no one does it better. We manufacture the best composite shake shingles available.

Product Profile

Brava composite shake tile offers the aesthetics of hand split cedar, that even the most fastidious consumer would agree is stunningly the same. Our multi-colored synthetic roof tile is unparalleled in the composite roofing market and is available in three different widths. Our product can be installed in straight courses or in a staggered application to give it a more rugged appearance. No other imitation shake comes close to our authentic appearance and quality.

Environmentally Friendly Roofing

Our polymer roofing products are made of recycled materials and are fully sustainable. This not only makes the product more durable but environmentally friendly as well. Brava's cedar shake alternative is maintenance free, unlike traditional shake roofing. Throughout the roof’s lifecycle, you will not have the need to repair or replace individual shakes as you would with real wood.


Brava’s composite roof tiles vary in thickness from ⅝” to ⅞” creating desirable shadow lines that convince everyone to believe your home has real cedar roof shingles. With it’s dramatic and classic look, in combination with a 50-year limited warranty, it is clear that our polymer shake roof tile is a desirable and intelligent way to protect your home. When you install our composite roofing product you can be confident that your new imitation cedar shake roof life expectancy will be much longer than that of natural wood shingles. Less maintenance and repairs result in a greater return on investment.


Our shake roofing system offers a solid tile accessory to assist in the installation at gables and valleys, starter pieces, and hip/ridge trim complete the line. No special tools are required for installation, and no additional structural support is needed. This makes our product ideal for new construction and re-roofs, for both residential and  commercial projects.

Don’t settle for asphalt shingles, or fake metal roofing materials, when your home could be roofed with our eco-friendly roof shakes that add character and architectural interest.

Have a look at our synthetic cedar shake roofing reviews to see why you should install a Brava tile roof! Our polymer roofing systems are the perfect solution if your home requires a new roof or roof replacement.



14" Length x 16" Width
cedar shake roof maintenance

This cavity back starter is used along the eave line to provide proper cant for the first row of shake.

Hip & Ridge

14" Length x 6" x 5-3/8" Width
composite cedar shake roofing install

The hip & ridge trim give a finished appearance, nail hole indicators assist in installation. At least a 3” overlap is required.

Solid Tile

23 ± ⅛” Length x 12 ± ⅛" Width
Cedar Shake Roof Alternative

Our solid tile accessory gives the roof a realistic appearance. These solid tiles are generally used along the gable and in open valleys.

BRAVA SHAKE Specifications

Recommended exposure at 10" but this may be adjusted to a lower measurement if desired or if a staggered application is used to achieve a rugged appearance.

Profile Class A & Class C
Exposure 10"
Weight/Piece (lb.) 2.1 +/- 0.2, 1.5 (5”); 1.8 (7”); 3.0 (12”)
Pieces/Square 169 (total)
Lb./Square 355
Height 24" ± ⅛"
Width 5 ⅛" ± ⅛", 7 ⅛" ± ⅛", 12 ⅛" ± ⅛"
Pieces/Bundle 12 (4 each size)
Pieces/Pallet 845
Lb./Pallet 1900 approx
Bundles/Square 14
Squares/Pallet 5
Fire Rating Class A & Class C
Impact Rating Class 4


Brava Shake has passed the stringent testing required for premier roofing products. The chart below shows the important ratings of Class 4 impact and Class A or C fire. These are the highest ratings in the industry. We not only tests to industry standards and requirements, but we also do additional testing to assure outstanding performance.

Test Performed Class A Class C
Weatherometer Pass Pass
Fire Resistance Class A Class C
Impact Resistance Class 4 Class 4
Wind Resistance Pass Pass
Wind-driven Rain Resistance Pass 110 mph Pass 110 mph
Uplift Bend Pass Pass
Temperature-Cycling Pass Pass
Penetration Pass Pass

Composite Shake Shingles Cost

If you're tired of dealing with the costly maintenance and repairs required for cedar shake roof, our imitation shake shingles are your best alternative. Brava composite shake roof costs are going to be comparable to their natural counterpart, but in the long run, you will save money by installing a synthetic roofing product. Brava composite cedar shake tiles are not only energy efficient, they are far more durable than wood shingles, and require virtually zero maintenance. Our synthetic cedar shake roofing tile can be installed in any climate without concern! Synthetic shake shingle prices will vary depending on your property and location. Get a free estimate for composite shake shingles cost per square now!

If you would like more information on our composite cedar roofing cost per square, of if you need contact info for a local Brava Roof Tile installer, contact us today.

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*Color Disclaimer: The printed colors shown in this website or on the brochure may vary from actual colors. Before making a final selection, be sure to review actual material samples and roof installations. Please contact your sales person for further assistance.