The Colors That Live in Nature Live Within Brava Tiles

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From the soothing hues of cedar trees to the tones of Earth’s red clay, nature produces a miraculous array of colors. The beautiful and unique color variations that occur naturally within our world are mirrored in Brava tiles. Using our patented mineral-infusion process, we ensure no two Brava tiles are exactly alike, replicating the authenticity and beauty of nature for the most natural-looking tiles in the world.

Brava Shake

Every cedar tree in the world is unique. Each has its own coloring and grain patterns. Using nature as our color palette, Brava Cedar Shake tiles have the warm and rich color of real cedar for an authentically beautiful look. With varied colors that visually match natural cedar shake,

subtle differences between hues create depth and texture for a rich, warm look with no discernible pattern. The result is variegated and multi-toned colors on every Brava Shake.

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Old World Slate

No two slate quarries are alike. Brava Old World Slate tiles reflect this truth and are created by our experts to showcase the uniqueness of each tile, their rich variations in color and grain, and a hand-chiseled look achieved only by craftsmanship. Our Old World Slate is infused with natural minerals, giving it multi-toned hues and textures and the subtle authentic nuances of color variation found in Mother Nature. With molds cast from pieces of hand-chiseled slate, Brava Old World Slate tiles have natural edges and varied depths of color for an authentic European feel.

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Spanish Barrel

Warm and earthy, our Spanish Barrel tiles capture the natural beauty of terra cotta. Our tiles replicate the timeless texture of age-old terra cotta roof tiles, creating exquisite coloring and variations for each unique tile. Following the time-honored tradition of terra cotta roofing, each Brava Spanish Barrel tile is individually colored to create a rich landscape of hues. Our patented coloring process gives these tiles a stunningly unique appearance as the color blends flow through the squares to create an authentic, Old World-crafted feel.

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