A Lifetime of Color

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Elegant. Timeless. Vibrant. Brava delivers color brilliance that lasts a lifetime.

A rare blend of art and performance, science and beauty, Brava marries these elements to create a new pinnacle of craftsmanship and bespoke luxury. Our single-minded attention to detail makes Brava a benchmark in quality, creativity, and enduring allure.

The Lasting Artistry of Mineral Pigments

Enduring colors made with mineral pigments

Like a precious photograph that has faded with the passing of time or a poem handwritten in ink whose words slowly disappear with age, never to be seen again, chemical or dye-based colors are broken down by the sun over the years.

Not so with Brava.

Aged Mission - Mineral Pigments - Charcoal - Red Iron Oxide

Thanks to Brava Colorcast, our patented mineral-infusion process, our tiles offer the same lasting artistry that has kept the 3,000-year-old Ishtar gate colorful and five-hundred-year-old paintings from the Renaissance as bright as the day they were created

Similar to some of the most iconic paintings in history, our Cedar Shake, Slate, and Spanish Barrel tiles capture the authenticity and nuances of nature. We are so confident of the steadfastness of our colors that we offer an extended, transferable 50-year warranty for all our tiles.

Color & Texture Variations Mimic Natural Materials

BRAVA Surfaces and Shadows

Created by light striking an object and refracting back into the eye, color evokes a mood and sends a message. Like the gorgeous inspiration abounding from lush forests, rocky deserts, and soothing sunsets, the unique color variations that occur naturally within our world are mirrored in Brava tiles, making for the most stunning and realistic materials.

BRAVA Color Variegation

With color that flows throughout every enticing inch, our tiles have subtle variations forged by differences in pigment, composition, and manufacturing techniques. Production influences add richness, character, and a more dimensional appearance to each tile for a highly desirable and authentic look that elevates roofs from mere protection to pure exhilaration. And each palette of tiles shipped out is filled from multiple batches to ensure distinctive variations that reflect the beauty and contrasts found in nature itself.

Every single tile is a unique variation of color and texture.

Color and Light Playfully Interact

Throughout the day, the color in our tiles evolves as light playfully interacts with and brings out different characteristics of the material. As seen in this dramatic series of timelapse photos, the intensity of the hues appears to change throughout the day.

Look at the walls around you. See how some areas appear to be a slightly different color from others? This is referred to as color inconstancy, which is caused by the distance from and differences between light sources.

The same principle applies to color and roof tiles. That’s why you should view sample tiles at a distance of at least 40 feet, under a range of natural lighting conditions that include the full sun. While natural light is a significant element to consider, structural factors can also make the color of roofing tiles look different to the human eye. For example, the slope of the roof changes the angle at which you see the tiles, and the height of the roof may affect how colors appear from a street viewpoint.

The Subtle Nuances of Surfaces and Shadows

BRAVA COlor, Surface and Shadow Variation

The finish can influence color perception as well. Light reflects differently on a matte or misted surface than on a high-gloss finish. In some cases, if hit by direct sun, a semi-gloss or high-gloss surface can appear to wash out the color. The same is true with textured tile surfaces where shadows are cast from indentations or scoring. In the case of Brava tiles, our molds are made from natural cedar shake, slate, and clay tiles, providing the most authentic textured surfaces without gloss.

The Brava Visualizer

BRAVA Visualiser

Brava’s color visualizer tool enables designers, architects, and homeowners to see how a roof will look before it is installed. Do side-by-side comparisons of products and colors, view the roof from different angles, and be confident you have made the right color decision. Try it out now! >>

The Brava Sample Program

BRAVA Sample Box

Whether it is our synthetic Cedar Shake, Slate, or Spanish Barrel tiles, selecting a color for their new Brava roof is one of the most satisfying part of working with our customers. Obtaining samples is simple and easy:

  1. Begin by requesting sample colors online or asking your sales representative to send them. Looking for a bespoke color? We have a variety of customizations in color and products designed to meet the unique demands of your climate and region.
  2. Once the color is selected, we will ship the sample tiles to you for your review.
  3. Look at the tiles under various natural and artificial lighting conditions to see if they work well with your project. Also, be sure to view them from a distance.
  4. Approve the color in writing on the sample approval card, send it to Brava, and we’ll process your order.
  5. Want to return a sample? Simply complete the online order form and we’ll send a UPS postage-paid shipping label to you via mail which you can use to return your sample and keep it out of a landfill.

We invite you to experience how Brava blends artistry with engineering excellence.

Whether you select to work with a custom palette or you choose from one of our dozens of premade, natural, and authentic colors, we guarantee that Brava roof tiles will look beautiful for decades to come.

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