Fire Safety

Extreme heat and dry weather contribute to wildfires that are affecting homes more and more each year. Chimney blockage, faulty wiring, and fire-prone materials are even more reasons why many municipalities now require roofing materials to have a Class A fire rating. As a result, having a roof that can prevent fires is of primary importance to homeowners, homeowner’s associations, and property managers today.

Class A Certified Fire Rating

As opposed to traditional materials, Brava roofing is certified with Class A or Class C fire rating. Class A fire rating means the roofing has the ability to resist the spreading of flames on their surface, resist fire penetration from the exterior to the underside of the deck, and resist recurring intermittent flame. As a result of their high resistance to fire, Brava roofing is approved for use by the strictest building codes in places such as California, Oregon, and Colorado.

Self-Extinguishing Roofing

Brava helps protect homes with roofing that won’t promote flame spread. Designed with high fire resistance, our tiles can self-extinguish and create minimal heat transfer, preventing the spread of flames across the surface of the roof.

Protect Not Only Your Family But Your Investment

The potential for wildfires in dry areas across the United States increases the value of a roof made of fire-resistant synthetic roofing tiles. Investing in a Brava composite roof is an important step in creating the perfect look with fire protection.