Caribbean & International

With temperature extremes and hurricanes experienced every year in the Caribbean, Brava composite roofing is a durable, attractive choice that weathers the storm and the sun. Because our roofing doesn't conduct heat, it promotes cool interiors while being aesthetically pleasing in any architectural design.

Outstanding Durability

Highly resistant to hurricanes, high temperatures, and sea salt, Brava roofing is ideal for Caribbean homes, especially on the beach. The ultimate shield for protecting any building, our roofing is designed to meet or exceed the highest standards for wind, fire, and impact.

Long-Lasting Beauty

Available in a wide variety of styles to fit nearly every type of house, the lightweight design of Brava roofing means that our cedar shake, slate, and Spanish barrel tiles can be installed on any roof without any costly structural modifications or special tools. And they come backed by a 50-year transferrable warranty, meaning they will look great for years and years.

Doesn’t Fade, Chip, or Splinter

In contrast to traditional materials, Brava roofing does not naturally degrade over time. Wood shake, for example, is prone to cupping, curling, warping, splintering, moss/mildew growth, splitting, and UV damage. Our composite roofing is extremely durable, weather-resistant, and UV-resistant. Traditional Spanish barrel tiles are heavy, and roofs clad in Spanish barrel tiles require ongoing inspection and maintenance to repair cracked or slipped tiles and check for spalling and fastener failures. Our synthetic Spanish barrel tiles are designed to be beautifully authentic without the extreme weight. They are also, like our wood shake tiles, incredibly durable, weather-resistant, and UV-resistant, making them ideal for this climate.


Brava products are virtually maintenance-free, so you get to spend more time relaxing and less time thinking about cleaning or repairs.


We like the natural beauty of the Caribbean as much as you. With Brava, your home benefits from an aesthetically pleasing roof that is made with recyclable materials and is itself recyclable. Eco-friendly roofing has never looked so good!