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Brava manufactures premium-quality synthetic roofing that combines the authentic look of Shake, Slate and Barrel roofing with unmatched performance. As a leading alternative to traditional roofing material, our composite roofing products last longer, are far more durable than traditional cedar shake, slate and Spanish barrel tiles, and are much more aesthetically and architecturally pleasing than asphalt shingles and concrete tiles.

About Brava / Story

Founded in 2008, Brava is passionate about being the top manufacturer of beautiful, long-lasting, and authentic synthetic roofing in the United States. We pride ourselves on surpassing what it means to be a synthetic roofing company in culture, customer satisfaction, and quality. By crafting eco-friendly roofing that mirrors their raw material counterparts. Brava is lightweight, durable and we have redefined what’s possible for composite roofing.

From the soothing hues of cedar trees to the tones of Earth’s red clay, nature produces a miraculous array of colors. The beautiful and unique color variations that occur naturally within our world are mirrored in Brava tiles. Using our patented mineral-infusion process, we ensure no two Brava tiles are exactly alike, replicating the authenticity and beauty of nature for the most natural-looking tiles in the world, and the most color options in the market.

In addition, all of our products are Class 4 impact rated—the highest rating in the industry. The ultimate shield for protecting any home, Brava roofing offers the highest standards for wind, fire, and impact, and is UV resistant as well.

All of our roofing products undergo extensive testing to ensure quality, safety, and suitability for every climate. Brava roofing is so durable that we offer a 50-year transferable warranty on all our products, one of the best in the composite roofing industry.

The high quality of our products ensures that a roof with Brava is a beautiful, eco-friendly investment that will not only last, but save you money in the long term.

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