Brava Roof Tiles Sustainability

More than ever, homeowners want a house that is ecologically efficient and causes less harm to the environment. At Brava, we use recycled materials to create a beautiful and durable roof that itself is recyclable.

Why Brava Is Better

There is an enormous amount of waste flowing out of the roofing industry, and we aim to avoid that cycle. An eco-friendly solution, our composite roof tile is made of compressed recycled plastics and other sustainable/recyclable materials. This creates a composite tile that is much lighter in weight than traditional roofing systems, which reduces the weight of motor vehicles that transport them, increasing fuel efficiency and lowering emissions.

No Trees Cut, No Natural Resources Damaged, No Energy Wasted

Brava turns recycled plastics into beautiful and durable roofing material. Our composite products avoid depleting natural resources such as quarries for slate or lumber for wood shakes. And no energy is wasted mining slate, extracting clay, or harvesting trees.

Recycle and Reuse

Backed by a 50-year transferable warranty, our products are more durable and will outlast asphalt, coated roof coverings, and cedar shakes. Any scraps from installation can be recycled into new material. What’s more, our composite tiles have a lower carbon footprint than traditional roofing shingles, when considering their full life cycle.