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Should You Hire a Designer When Choosing Your Synthetic Roofing Color?

December 7, 2017

A good design is true art. No matter what design we’re talking about – fashion, cars, web sites, paintings, books or magazines, interior decor or outdoor aesthetics – all these fields require a good eye, a sense of style, harmony and a trained intuition for finding the golden middle. Choosing a Roof Color Some people […]

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Transformation from Asphalt Shingles to Tile

August 19, 2017

Featured Project: Grant, FL Very few re-roof projects can completely transform the look of a home like the application of Brava Roof Tile’s Spanish Barrel Tile on a home that was previously composition asphalt! Don’t believe us – see for yourself below! The owners of this home knew they wanted the look of an authentic […]

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5 Tips on How to Vet a Roofing Contractor

July 6, 2017

Here are 5 helpful tips for homeowners who want to hire a reliable roofing contractor: Get Multiple Estimates It is important to not go with the first contractor you meet Be sure to get multiple estimates to make sure you find an experienced and reliable contractor By vetting multiple contractors, you will have a better […]

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Featured Project: Color Match Cedar Shake – Deerfield, IL

June 23, 2017

For some homeowners, when it comes to the color of their roof, “new” doesn’t necessarily mean “better.” And that was exactly the case at this most recent Brava Roof Tile install in Deerfield, IL. The homeowners of this beautiful home in suburban Chicago knew it was time to replace their 20+ year old cedar shake […]

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20 Best Roofing Companies: Des Moines Roofing Contractors 2017

May 26, 2017

If you’re looking for a list of the best roofing companies, Des Moines, IA has plenty! Brava Roof Tile, a manufacturer of composite roofing tile in the Des Moines area, has organized the top 20 roofing companies based on an average of customer reviews from around the web (sources include Google, Home Advisor, Yelp, and the Better Business […]

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8 Things to Consider Before Replacing Your Roof

May 17, 2017

Important Things to Consider Before a Roof Replacement 1. What Look You Want Before looking into the price of a new roof or what contractor to use, it is important to determine what style of roof you desire. There is the choice to go with a subdued look, or to stand out in your neighborhood. […]

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How to Choose the Perfect Roof Tile Color to Match Your Home

May 11, 2017

Choosing a color scheme for your roof tiles is not always easy. We know this gives homeowners a great deal of grief since it is a permanent fixation for their home for up to 50 years. With these 3 tips, we hope you feel confident in your endeavor! 1) Determine What Type of Roof Tile […]

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Homeowners Choose Brava Shake to Replace Storm Damaged Roof

March 17, 2017

Located in one of the most prestigious areas of Alabama, this Mountain Brook home sustained some severe storm damage to its cedar shake roof. The homeowners worked with our preferred Birmingham roofing company Authentic Restoration and their insurance company to get the approval for a complete roof replacement. The claim was approved except for the […]

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How the Educated Customer Selects a New Roof

January 6, 2017

At times, in the industry, you hear the term ‘educated customer’ kicked around in regards to homeowners who know a thing or two about roofing. Some contractors go as far as avoiding these customers in favor of opportunities where they are the only subject matter experts. You tend to find these customers in hail belts […]

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Choosing a Brava Roof Tile Color for Your New Roof

December 22, 2016

Whether it be our synthetic Cedar Shake, Slate, or Clay products, one of the most satisfying parts of working with homeowners is helping them select a color for their new Brava roof. To do that effectively, Brava Roof Tile offers to send out samples of our products in any of our standard colors. However, one […]

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Koma Kulshan Ranger Station Roof Replacement

December 2, 2016

Koma Kulshan is a fine example of our company’s commitment to heritage conservation. Koma Kulshan is the Native-American name for Mount Baker in Washington State, and the Koma Kulshan Ranger Station is in the Mount Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest. After the site was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1991, greater attention was […]

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Better Than Wood: Composite Cedar Shake Roof

November 21, 2016

Project Showcase: Princeton, Illinois 2016 When it came time to replace their cedar shake roof, the owners of this gorgeous property on an elevated lot in Princeton, IL decided not to go back with real cedar. Instead they opted for Brava Roof Tile’s synthetic Cedar Shake in the “Aged” color because of its durability and […]

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Danforth Chapel Roof Replacement

October 28, 2016

There is nothing quite like the satisfaction we get from being part of a project that restores beauty to an older building. The Danforth Chapel is a charming 1950’s non-denominational located near the beautiful Iowa River. This chapel has been one of the go-to locations in Iowa for intimate wedding ceremonies. New Roof Project Details […]

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New Cedar Shake Color: Aspen

October 24, 2016

Brava Roof Tile is pleased to introduce one of its newest Cedar Shake colors – Aspen. The Aspen color is a result of our collaboration with Cedar Roofing Company (Lake Forest, IL) and our joint efforts to develop synthetic cedar shake product that had the authentic look of a 10-15-year-old premium wood shake shingles. The […]

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University of Iowa Fraternity House Synthetic Re-Roof

June 17, 2016

Building Profile The building was built in 1932 and has since been used for a variety of uses.  In 2016, a local builder purchased the property and began renovation of the property for its future use by a fraternity at the University of Iowa. The property is located in a historic district and as such, […]

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7 Tips For New Homeowners Wanting to Make Insurance Claims

May 12, 2016

Hailstorms and Tornadoes have certainly taken a toll on the USA thus far in 2016. Texas, Oklahoma, and Missouri are just a few states that have been hit hard, reporting several billion dollars worth of damages (primarily, roofing, siding gutters, & windows). For many of the new homeowners, dealing with damages and insurance claims will […]

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2016 NRCA Roofing Industry Regional Summit

March 10, 2016

The National Roofing Contractors Association (NRCA) will be hosting the Roofing Industry Regional Summit on April 11, 2016. The Roofing Industry Regional Summit will be held at the Dallas Fort Worth Airport Marriott. The hotel is Located at 8440 Freeport Parkway. About the NRCA Roofing Industry Regional Summit The NRCA is one of the most […]

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30 Best Roofing Companies: Denver Roofing Contractors 2017

February 8, 2016

If you’re looking for a list of the best roofing companies, Denver, CO has plenty! Brava Roof Tile, a manufacturer of synthetic roofing tile in the Denver area, has organized the top 30 roofing companies based on an average of customer reviews from around the web (sources include Google, Yelp, and the Better Business Bureau). […]

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