Roofing and Home Insurance: A Symbol of Stability

Roofing and Home Insurance What You Need to Know 1

A house has a foundation, walls, and a roof, but that doesn't make it a home. It becomes a home when you fill it with love and memories—both good and bad.

It's the epicenter of your personal life, a place where you put worries out of mind, a place you relax after work. But it’s also more than that.

Your home is your sanctuary, where you feel safest, emotionally and physically. It’s a symbol of stability.

Your Roof, The Crown of Your Home

Although your foundation is important, the roof of your home is the crown jewel, the part that, let’s be honest, keeps all the pieces together—or inside.

It adds a sense of beauty to your home, yes, but it also protects everything inside and puts you above itself.

Day in and day out, it endures the elements. It withstands the heavy winter snow, it ensures you and your family stay dry, and it keeps the warms secured inside.

Of course, violent storms may rattle your windows, and the ground of your home may tremble with the boom of a storm, but you and your family can always stay protected.

However, all exterior parts of the home that endure the elements have the possibility of getting damaged, especially roofs. Although some damages are worse than others, a damaged roof is arguably one of the worst.

Fortunately, durable roofing materials and home insurance can make a huge difference on the lifecycle and of your home.

Think of it this way: how can your roof protect you if you don't protect it in return?

Without a strong, stable roof, your home would crumble. Naturally, that means you should provide as much attention and protection to it as possible.

Any roof covering your home can sustain damage, whether its torn shingles, leaks, or holes—damages that can cost thousands of dollars to remedy—which is why it is critical for you and your family to have insurance that covers the home of your roof.

Insurance: A Matter of Roofing and Roofing Materials

When you look for roof insurance, you can learn a lot. (There’s so many things that can impact the insurance of your roof.)

The roof type, shape, and structure, including the materials you use, are all significant factors that play into your home insurance rates.

Insurance companies may even want to know all of this information upfront so that they can decide your rate—or if they even want to cover you at all. In fact, many companies find it difficult to reasonably insure gable or flat roofs compared to hip roofs.

And as unfortunate as that is, it’s the truth. Want to know why?

It’s all about durability: Gable or flat roofs are the ones that obtain the most damages during storms or natural disasters, which is why it is important to always, at least, select durable roofing materials.

Why Do Durable Roofing Materials Matter?

Durable roofing materials alone won’t inspire insurance companies to cover your roof, but it is materials that matter the most, in some ways.

Generally speaking, the more durable the material, the better it is for your insurance premium.

Materials like concrete, asphalt, metal, tile, and slate come with lower premiums because of their durability.

Let’s be real: these materials are extremely resistant to weather, not to mention fire.

On the other hand, wood comes with a higher premium simply because it’s susceptible to mold and rot. Plus, it’s definitely not fire resistant.

What about Composite Roofing Materials?

Composite roofing materials, made from recycled materials, are another option—and arguably the best roofing material—you could pick from.

They even replicate the appearance of the above materials, such as slate, shake, and tile, and they’re extremely durable. Not to mention, they come in a variety of different colors.

The Best Part: Insurance Discounts from Durable Roofing

Here’s the best news yet. Not only do durable roofing materials mean a chance at getting access to significantly lower premiums, but additional discounts are also possible.

Ever ask your neighbors about their insurance and wonder why it’s so low, despite having something similar to—or even nicer—than you. This is one possibility, and it’s definitely worth checking in to.

Build A Stable, Insured Home with Brava

Although your home has many exterior components that keep you and your family secure, you should never underestimate the value of an insured roof.

You see, a roof doesn’t just protect your family from the outdoors; it creates the memories and moments you have inside. Without insurance, the roof of your home and the memories it helps create are only a storm away from being damaged.

Just remember: Your roof is a symbol of stability. Are you ready for the next storm?