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"The Roofing Company moved to a new location last year, and the building we purchased needed a new roof. We wanted to stand out with the replacement product so we chose to go with Brava Spanish Roof Tile and it looks amazing. Our goal was to showcase one of the high end products we offer, and make sure that what we used can withstand the southeast climate to maintain the beautiful look for a long time. So far we are extremely happy with our decision and we regularly receive compliments from people passing by and in the community."

Written by: Spiro K. The Roofing Company - Charleston, SC

We used your roof tiles for the roof part that we built over our new deck. We decided to cover a quarter of this new deck to act as a sun shade and to give us a part of the deck we could still use even if it rained. Thoroughly delighted with the results. We were looking for something that would last and look good. The deck was all cedar, everything we used was the best quality, and we were looking for a roof covering that maintained the quality and standards we wished. The main thing is that my wife who was initially skeptical, could not be happier with how it turned out. She tells me that if I ever need to re-roof the rest of the house, she wants me to use your Brava Tiles.

Written by: Ted C. - Ashland, Oregon

Ted C. - Ashland, Oregon - Brava Roof
Ted C. - Ashland, Oregon

We have ordered spanish roof tile from Brava Roof Tile for multiple commercial projects. The staff is quick to respond and quote. Good quality product at competitive prices. Deliveries arrive when promised.

Written by: Christopher Construction - Central Ohio

Our cedar shake roof was badly damaged in a hail storm. When we replaced it we were looking for a product that could preserve the look and character of our home and at the same time provide a more durable replacement. We are so glad we found Brava. The sales team helped us find the right product and our home looks better than ever. Several people who are in the market for a new roof have stopped by and all have been impressed by the product. We are very satisfied

Written by: Bruce H. - Homeowner in Harrison, OH

We chose our Brava roof because we were looking for a product that would last. We loved the looks and quality of the product and Justin from Polaris Roofing did an amazing job with the installation. It's everything we had hoped it would be!
We read and studied about lots of products trying to find something that would be durable in the Arizona sun. We discovered Brava Roofing online. I called and they were responsive on the phone and continued to be involved in the project, start to finish. We are thrilled with the way it looks and Justin Young from Polaris really made sure we were happy with the outcome. He was conscientious and dedicated to doing the best job possible.

Written by: Dee C. - Homeowner in Arcadia, AZ

Dee C. - Homeowner in Arcadia, AZ
Dee C. - Brava Roof Products

Brava Shake Roof Testimonial

Customer review and testimonial for Brava Shake.

Just finished my roof project and want to say your product is PERFECT for my house! Looks fantastic and tons of compliments! I’d highly recommend your product to anyone with a historic looking house. Worth the extra cost vs. other roofing products on the market.

Written by: Paul J. Kent - PD Finance - Process/Milestone Analyst

Brava Shake Roof Testimonial
Brava Roof Testimonial

Brava Roof Tile Customer Testimonial

Customer review and testimonial for Brava Roof Tile products.

Curb appeal is one of the most important aspects of selling your home because it’s the first thing potential buyers see. A poorly maintained exterior will hinder the sale of your biggest investment, ultimately costing you thousands of dollars in lost equity. By upgrading your home’s curb appeal with Brava Roof Tile, you will increase your home value and shorten your time on the market. Today’s homeowners love the look of natural materials, but don’t want the time-consuming and costly maintenance that comes with natural materials – Brava replicates the beauty of natural Shake, Slate and Spanish Tile, but without any of the drawbacks of the natural materials, that’s why I highly recommend Brava Roof Tile!

Written by: Sarah S. - Real Estate Sales Executive, Realty Executives Integrity

Brava Roof Tiles Testimonial
Roof Tiles Testimonial

Brava Synthetic Cedar Shake Tile Review

Customer review and testimonial for Brava's synthetic cedar shake roof tile.

We were in the market for a new roof since our existing roof was hand split cedar shakes that were over 27 years old and in desperate need of being replaced. We spent several months researching the variety of composite shake tile manufactures and ordered samples from each. We were disappointed with how artificial looking so many of the tiles on the market were until we found Brava on the web. We ordered samples in several color options and were thrilled to see the quality and realistic color of the Brava Shake tiles. Our home is a reproduction center chimney saltbox and the Brava Weathered Shakes fit perfectly with the house and clapboard siding. The roof was completed about ten months ago and we’ve been thrilled with the final product and continue to receive compliments on it (even from a wide variety of tradesmen who have been working on an addition that we also recently put up). The Brava shakes easily pass for Cedar hand splits, but it’s nice to know they have a 50-year warranty, and unlike our old cedar shakes, don’t require maintenance every two or three years. So, all said, we’re absolutely delighted with the final product and would, (and already have), recommend Brava Shake to anyone in the market for a new roof.

Written by: David F. - Homeowner, Brookfield, CT

Brava Roof Tiles Review

Brava Synthetic Slate Tile Review

Customer review and testimonial for Brava's synthetic slate roof tile.

We own a construction company and are often looking for roofing products for various clients. Brava is the unique product our clients were looking for. The finished product is very impressive, consistent and realistic. We are very satisfied and would recommend Brava to others.

Written by: Tim Kleiber - President Kleiber Construction in Sheboygan, Wisconsin

Roof Tiles Review
Synthetic Roof Tiles Testimonial

Brava Synthetic Spanish Roof Tile Review

Customer review and testimonial for Brava's synthetic Spanish roof tile.

I live in West TX and as we all know the wind and heat is hard on anything, especially on a structure. My wife of course was looking for something that looked nice, I was more interested in something that would be able to withstand the environment.
We chose Brava tile because they offered a 50 year warranty with their product and pretty much make any color and profile we could want, not to mention we were able to speak directly to the individuals at the plant and office for advice and direction.
My roof is wonderful, I have had so many compliments from people passing by, I’ve had several people just stop and knock on the door to tell me how wonderful my roof looked and inquire about where the product could be purchased, it definitely allows the roof to stand out and brings a sense of luxury to the property.
The roof itself is amazing. They have by far been the most pleasant vendor for our home projects. They also were able to duplicate the color mixture my wife was looking for to match the stone and stucco of the house.
My opinion is that it is the best product on the market for any roof, I have recommended it to several people interested in the same style roof as mine.

Written by: Jackie Johnson - Homeowner, West Texas Area ( Permian Basin )

Brava Synthetic Old World Slate Tile Review

Customer review and testimonial for Brava's synthetic old world slate roof tile.

Why did I choose Brava Roof Tile for our new log home? Brava’s products are lightweight and physically thicker than asphalt, which gives a rugged appearance and creates deeper shadow lines. My Brava Old World Slate roof looks no different than a real slate roof, but it cost much less. My satisfaction level has not changed over the 9 years since the roof was installed…it’s awesome! Brava is authentic looking, easy to install and durable.

Written by: Amy - Homeowner, Michigan

Brava Synthetic Shake Tile

Brava Synthetic Shake Tile Review

Customer review and testimonial for Brava's synthetic cedar shake roof tile.

I think the roof looks fantastic! It is even better looking than I expected, and I think it is the best looking roof in Norman I like the fact that there are variations in both the size and color of the roof tiles.

Written by: Roger Harrison - Homeowner Norman, OK

Brava Synthetic Shake Tile Review - Roger Harrison
Brava Synthetic Cedar Shake Tile Review

Brava Synthetic Cedar Shake Tile Review

Customer review and testimonial for Brava's synthetic cedar shake roof tile.

The product is amazing. We originally selected the shake product for a project because of its superior performance. However, we quickly realized that its authentic appearance gave us the added curb appeal we were really looking for on our custom homes. Add that to the fact that with Brava’s custom color capabilities, I can now provide additional value to my customers and it's hard to see why we wouldn’t use Brava’s products for all our projects.

Written by: Greg Sirowy - General Contractor, Diamond Custom Homes

Brava Synthetic Old World Slate Review

Customer review and testimonial for Brava's Old World Slate tile.

We very much wanted the look of clay tile, but without the weight, which could not be supported by our roof structure. We were looking for a blend of terra cotta along with different earth tones, in a range that could not be duplicated with three or four standard colors.
The Brava tile color process is truly unique: of the 40 squares of tiles we received, literally no two tiles were exactly the same color, and together the blend worked perfectly. In choice of tile and preparation of our order, customer service at Brava was a tremendous resource.
Our roofers were very impressed with the quality of the product and the ease of installation. Compared to slate or tile, they were able to quote us a much more reasonable rate. The finished roof is indistinguishable from clay tile, except that it doesn't break when we walk on it, and through the ice storms of this winter, it does not crack or chip. We're so pleased with our Brava tile roof.

Written by: Vincent - Homeowner

Brava Synthetic Cedar Shake Tile Review

Customer review and testimonial for Brava's synthetic cedar shake roof tile.

I have been in the lumber business since 1958 and I fell in love with hand split cedar shake roofs. 30 years ago I had cedar hand split shakes applied to my house, 4 car garage and pool house. After 28 years I knew I would have to replace my roof soon.
As I thought about all the work and expense of keeping up a cedar shake roof in N.E. Ohio I decided to look for an alternative. I contacted all the suppliers of imitation shake roofing and had them send me samples of their product. I talked to the manufacturers about warranty, manufacturing process, delivery and colors.
I set the samples side-by-side in my office to compare and asked staff and visitors for their comments. When I was satisfied that I had properly finished my homework, Brava Shake came out a clear winner for the following reasons:
1. A 50 year limited warranty. Manufactured and installed as individual shakes of varying widths and thickness, just like Hand split Cedar Shakes. I was able to get a color that I thought matched cedar shakes perfectly.
2.Maintenance free (No more Handyman on the roof 2-3 times a year to clean gaps between shakes and pull out maple seedlings taking root in the shakes, power washing and treating every 3-4 years).
3. Meets Miami Dade roofing requirements. When installed it is the most realistic imitation shake roof on the market. Manufactured from recycled plastic (environmentally friendly).
My roof was finished June 2015 and I couldn’t have been more pleased. I have received lots of compliments from friends and neighbors and they don’t believe that the shakes are plastic. The exterior of my home is stone, brick and rough sawn cedar board and batten. The board and batten has absorbed dirt over the years and was not looking good.
I decided to have the battens removed and Brava Shake installed over the rough sawn cedar boards. I used the same color shakes that are on my roof and the results were fantastic. I now have a roof and exterior that is weather proof, maintenance free, bright beautiful and will stay new looking for the rest of my life.
Last but not least I have to say thank you for the great job you did in answering my questions, getting me samples and helping me get the exact color I wanted. If a seriously interested prospect would like to talk to me I will be glad to answer any questions they might have. I love my new roof, exterior of my home and I am so glad I chose Brava Tile. God Bless.

Written by: Lionel F. Trebilcock - Homeowner

Lionel F. Trebilcock - Homeowner
Lionel F. Trebilcock's Home

Brava Synthetic Cedar Shake Tile

Brava Synthetic Spanish Roof Tile Review

Customer review and testimonial for Brava's synthetic Spanish roof tile.

In 2009, John and I purchased a foreclosed 4500 sq. ft. ranch. We had an engineering inspection done prior to purchase and were well aware of repairs that would be needed. The house was built in 1962 and the original roof needed resurfacing and some areas needed repaired.
Once we were settled in John said it’s time to start shopping for shingles. I was not thrilled with the idea that we would have asphalt shingles like every other house in the area. So after 3 years of getting estimates and my rejecting the same architectural shingles, he became frustrated with me. In all my research I couldn’t find anything different that was in our budget. I wanted a “Mediterranean feel”. I searched on line and through some stroke of fate I found Brava. My Brava roof is absolutely GORGEOUS!
It’s been 3 years and we still get strangers stopping by to ask about our roof! We are completely satisfied with our roof. It looks great in all seasons. I’m sure it’s saved us on heating and cooling bills (more so than asphalt shingles would have). Our Building inspector was not familiar with this product and really put Brava through the ringer before approving it. He’s been back several times reviewing the installation and always left shaking his head in amazement and approval. From the laborers to the owner of the trucking company and suppliers they could not contain their excitement!
The product is unsurpassed in quality and appearance as well as price point. It is only exceeded by the customer service we experienced. They went above and beyond to ensure our satisfaction! I’d become a cynical New Yorker after many bad experiences with contractors. Brava restored my faith! Not only would we recommend Brava…we have and will continue to do so!

Written by: Viviana and John - Homeowners, Newburgh, NY

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