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Brava Old World Slate

Brava Old World Slate - Synthetic Slate Roof Tile

  • Environmentally friendly composite roofing material
  • Natural “quarried slate tile” texture without extreme weight
  • No special roofing substructure required
  • Only composite slate shingles on the market available in multi-colors
  • Fully blended for beautiful natural slate color
  • Class 4 impact rating - the highest in the industry
  • Available in Class A and Class C fire rating
  • 50 year limited warranty - architecturally enhanced roofline
  • Cuts and nails with ease – you can walk on the roof with no breakage issues
Brava Roof Tile
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Composite Slate Colors

*Custom Colors Available Upon Request

BRAVA Old World Slate - Slate Roofing Alternative

If you're looking for the incredible aesthetics of natural quarried slate roofing and want to avoid costly substructure modifications required to handle the extreme weight of slate tiles, Brava’s revolutionary composite slate tile is for you.

Product Profile

With a 1” profile, Brava’s Old World Slate polymer tile has the volume of traditional slate roof tiles with a fraction of the weight. This allows for less expensive shipping costs and ease of installation. Our Old World Slate shingles have the thickest synthetic slate roof profile available. The 1" thick profile of this product creates beautiful color exposure and an unsurpassed durability. Our composite slate roof tiles are available in any custom color or color combination.

Environmentally Friendly

Our synthetic slate shingles are made of recycled plastics (polymer) and other fully sustainable materials. Our eco-friendly composite slate tile is the ideal replication of slate roofing. Brava’s composite roofing product is an extremely attractive, durable, and the environmentally friendly alternative to concrete roof tile or slate roofing systems. Installing composite slate roof tiles is the best slate roofing alternative.


If you're tired of dealing with the costly maintenance and repairs required for your natural slate roof, our imitation slate roof tiles are your best alternative. Natural slate tile is fragile and requires lots of attention throughout the years. Chips or cracks can lead to costly repairs, and finding a color match for replacement slate shingles is next to impossible. Brava Old World Slate roofing shingles are Class 4 impact rated (the highest in the industry) and hail warrantied. Brava Old World Slate is also available in Class A or Class C fire rating.


Brava's synthetic slate roofing has solid tile accessories to make gable and labor-intensive valley installation a much more complete system while also providing a realistic appearance.

Be sure to check out our synthetic slate roofing reviews to see why you should install a Brava tile roof! Learn more about why we are truly the industry's best composite roof tile manufacturers.

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Specifications for Brava Old World Slate shingles recommend exposure at 10" but this may be adjusted to a lower measurement if desired or if a staggered application is used to achieve a rustic appearance.

Class A Class C
Exposure 10" 10"
Weight/Piece (lb.) 2.96 ± 0.1 2.85 ± 0.1
Pieces/Square 117 117
Lb./Square 355 340
Height 24" ± ⅛" 24" ± ⅛"
Width 12 ⅛" ± ⅛" 12 ⅛" ± ⅛"
Pieces/Bundle 10 10
Pieces/Pallet 585 585
Lb./Pallet 1700 approx 1700 approx
Bundles/Square 11.7 11.7
Squares/Pallet 5 5
Fire Rating Class A Class C
Impact Rating Class 4 Class 4



10.5" Length x 16 ⅛" ± ⅛" Width
old world composite slate

The cavity back starter is used to provide the proper cant at the eave line for the first row of slate.

Hip & Ridge

16" Length x 6" x 5-5/8" Width
old world composite slate hip ridge

Hip & ridge trim allows for a professional finished look on hips and along the ridge. At least a three inch overlap should be maintained during installation.

Solid Tile

22 ⅞” ± ⅛” Length x 12 ⅛" ± ⅛" Width
old world composite slate solid tile

The solid tile accessory which is exclusive to Brava Roof Tile products assures a realistic appearance at the gables and assists with easier installation for open valleys.


Brava Old World Slate polymer roofing has passed the stringent testing required for premium roofing products, earning a Class 4 impact rating and Class A and Class C fire rating. These are the highest ratings available in the roofing industry. Brava Roof Tiles not only tests to industry standards and requirements, but does additional testing to assure outstanding performance.

Test Performed Class A Class C
Weatherometer Pass Pass
Fire Resistance Class A Class C
Impact Resistance Class 4 Class 4
Wind Resistance Pass Pass
Uplift Bend Pass Pass
Temperature-Cycling Pass Pass
Penetration Pass Pass

Composite Slate Roof Cost

If you're tired of dealing with the costly maintenance and repairs required for your natural slate roof, our imitation slate roof tiles are your best alternative. Brava composite slate roof costs are going to be comparable to their natural counterpart, but in the long run, you will save money by installing a synthetic roofing product. Brava composite slate is not only energy efficient, it is far more durable than quarried slate, and requires virtually zero maintenance. Our synthetic slate roofing tiles can be installed in any climate without concern! Synthetic slate roof tile prices will vary depending on your property and location. Get a free estimate for synthetic slate roof cost per square now!

If you would like a free quote for Brava Old World synthetic slate roofing costs, cost per square, or if you need the information of a local Brava Roof Tile installer, please contact us today.

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*Color Disclaimer: The printed colors shown in this website or brochure may vary from actual colors. Before making a final selection, be sure to review actual material samples and roof installations. Please contact your sales person for further assistance.

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