Cool Roof Colors – Title 24

Brava Cool Colors - Title 24

Title 24 is a collection of energy standards for California buildings that began in 1978 as air quality stressed the power grids and heat buildup in urban areas became significant.

Birth of the “Cool” Roof

The major focus of Title 24 was to establish requirements for roofing products that would substantially reduce heat absorption by increasing the reflective characteristics of the roof shingles and tiles. This initiative led to the development of the industry term “cool roof.”

So What Are the Requirements to Be A “Cool Roof” Product?

Part 6 of Title 24 lays out these roofing requirements:

  • Thermal emittance – The ability of a roof shingle to release any heat that it has absorbed.
  • Three-year aged reflectance – A measurement of a roof tile’s ability to reflect heat away from itself after 3 years.
  • Solar reflective index – The ability of a roof shingle to reflect solar heat as measured by a small rise in temperature.

Brava Cool Roof Products

As a company that strives to be at the forefront of composite roof tile manufacturing in the U.S. and Canada, our line of cool-roof products aligns perfectly with this goal. Our focus on increasing the energy efficiency of the building envelope and having a synthetic shake and barrel roof tile that are certified as “cool roof” allows us to provide products that are beautiful and in line with California’s Title 24 requirements.

Our cool-roof product offering includes our CRRC-compliant Weathered and Lake Forest Cedar Shakes, as well as Spanish Barrel in Terra Cotta and French Clay, which can be used to meet cool-roof specifications.

An energy-efficient roof has many benefits, not only for homeowners but also the entire community. It reduces energy costs, improves building comfort, boosts the availability and dependability of electrical power, and reduces adverse environmental impacts.

Brava Title 24 Cool Colors Chart 4-2024