7 Beautiful Slate Roof Colors


7 Beautiful Slate Roof Colors

A natural slate roof is often associated with European mansions or New England homes of distinction, but with the advent of synthetic slate roof tiles, the charm of a slate roof is now within the budget of most homeowners. In the past, most composite slate shingles were only available in a few colors and the technology hadn’t progressed to allow the finish color to be true all the way through the tile.

Synthetic slate manufacturers have changed the game and open the doors to an almost unlimited assortment of colors - including blends within the tile. Due to a proprietary coloring process, Brava Roof tile is the only composite roof tile company to offer multi-color in a synthetic slate roof tile.

The following styles are examples of the wide array of colors available for synthetic Slate composite roof tiles:

1. Arendale

Inspired by the vibrant coastal city Arendal, dark charcoal and gray hues come together to create a shade that complements any color on your home.

2. Sonoma

It may be easy to produce a red tile or a light brown tile, but to combine the colors in natural stone is no easy task. If you are building a Mediterranean style home but would rather have slate than terracotta, Sonoma Slate might be a good option. Remember, the colors you see on the surface run completely through the tile, so that fading is reduced dramatically.

3. Victorian

Natural slate does not come in solid colors since every piece of stone has tonal differences. Solid gray is a nice roof color, but it does not reflect the variations that give slate its character. Victorian Slate combines solid gray with light streaks of dark grays and blues, giving the roof a sense of texture that adds depth to the individual roof tiles.

Welsh Slate

4. Atlantic

The history of slate roofing is embedded in Europe, and natural Welsh Slate is one of the most durable in the world. Capturing the color and the emotion associated with this tile, Brava has developed the Atlantic Slate color to give your home the look of a 100 year-old cottage in Wales with all the benefits of a new synthetic roof tile.

5. Cottage

Cottage Slate is the perfect blend to transform your roof into a rustic focal point with a warm, comfortable mix of grays and browns.

6. Deep Green Slate

It is very difficult to find a truly dark green in natural slate. The greens are generally hues in the gray or purple stone, and they are lighter than the Deep Green Slate offered by Brava. Deep Green is a wonderful contrast to the blue sea on an oceanfront home and can make a mountain home blend into the rocky background.

7. Onyx Slate

Many manufacturers offer a composite slate tile in black, but it is plain black. Notice the white shading on Brava’s Onyx Slate tile. It is subtle and appears natural. One of the problems with conventional black slate roofs is that many of them fade over time, losing that crisp look that attracted you initially. Brava’s through-the-tile color process ensures that fading is limited.

Brava’s Old World Slate Is Unrivaled In Color Options

We can match virtually any solid color and have the ability to produce an almost endless variety of blends. In fact, Brava is the only manufacturer of composite slate tiles in the marketplace to offer this, and all of our colors are consistent throughout the tile. In addition, our slate tiles are molded to match the surface detail of real slate and are 1” thick. Contact us today for a free sample and let us help you find the perfect roofing tile for your next project.