What Is the Best Hail Resistant Roof?

What Is the Best Hail Resistant Roof

Recent storms in Texas caused millions of dollars' worth of damage for home and business owners. Hailstones and high winds destroyed vulnerable roof fixtures, siding, and chimneys. Consequently, many of these residents are choosing to invest in hail-resistant roofs to prevent further disasters.

Materials That Provide the Best Hail Protection

Choosing the right roofing products can save you from expensive repairs in the future. Still, you may wonder, “Which roofing materials provide the best shielding against hail and storm debris?”

The answer varies depending on several factors, including your budget and the architectural style of your property.

Hail Resistant Shingles

hail resistant shingles

Hail can form up to six inches in diameter and strike your property at over 100 miles per hour. That is why choosing durable asphalt shingles may be the best choice if you own a regular-sized home or business. These materials contain granule surfaces that can cushion the blow of falling hailstones, preventing scuffs and scratches on your roof.

Shingles are also cost-efficient solutions if you require a roof replacement on a tight budget. Companies like Certainteed or GAF can supply these products at affordable rates.

Remember to check for UL 2218 impact resistance ratings before you commit to a roof replacement. These impact-resistant shingles will withstand hail longer than conventional decorative shingles, but over time will lose their durability.

hail damage to roof shingles

Slate Roofing

Slate is made from quarried stone and can protect your decking and underlay from small hail debris. For hundreds of years, homeowners have relied on this material to prevent holes and water leaks from forming in their roofs.

However, conventional slate is relatively thin and may not survive heavy pelting from large hailstones. Slate can split during storms, compromising your home’s beautiful appearance. Slate can also be expensive to repair.

Always ask your roofing contractor if slate is the best choice for your home. These hail-resistant roofs could last you decades or deteriorate after just a few storms, depending on which manufacturer you choose.

Prefabricated Rubber Roofing

epdm roof vs hail

Investing in a rubber roofing system is an excellent way to avoid hail damage on your flat and low slope roofs year-round. PVC and EPDM materials consist of several layers of watertight felt and are environmentally friendly. They can also last up to 50 years with the proper upkeep. This material can withstand hail up to 2" in diameter.

Rubber roofs won’t dent or scratch when struck by hail. This advantage means you won’t need to worry about your property losing its curb appeal after a surprise storm. Additionally, rubber roofs are easy to repair.

While rubber roofs may be effective against hailstorms, they can be vulnerable to UV light throughout the rest of the year. You can avoid ultraviolet deterioration by investing in reflective roof coatings from a reputable contractor.

Why Should You Invest in a Hail-Proof Roof?

Ignoring hail damage can lead to expensive repairs and may cause your decking to collapse over time. Spending more money upfront on a reliable hail-resistant roof is well worth the investment. In some cases, homeowners who commit to these solutions can save tens of thousands of dollars, and numerous headaches, by avoiding roof replacements every two to five years.

Brava Composite Roof Tiles Will Protect Your Roof

Brava Composite Roof Tiles vs Hail

Hailstorms across Texas have caused massive damage. Huge pieces of hail rained down across the state, damaging vehicles, cutting off power, and grounding flights. Having a roof that isn't prepared for this sort of damage can have devastating consequences for your home, your safety, and your wallet.

At Brava Roof Tile, we're prepared to provide you with products that can withstand even the worst hailstorms. Each of our products is tested extensively for durability; our composite roof tiles will withstand even the most severe storms, helping to protect you and your belongings.

Our composite roof tiles have a Class 4 impact rating. Testing involves dropping a steel ball on the material from a height of 20 feet. Should the material hold up, it's considered strong enough to withstand incredibly high winds and severe hail.

Our company works with accredited labs to make sure that our products undergo proper testing. This thorough procedure ensures quality products; by choosing our roofing materials, you can make sure your home's protected from any storm.

Choose Brava Roof Tile Class 4 Hail Resistant Shingles

Brava Composite Roof Tiles vs Hail

Choosing the right hail-resistant roof for your property is incredibly important. Without one, your property could be vulnerable to severe damage. Finding the right material is important; otherwise, you may find yourself facing expensive repairs.

Our composite roof tiles have held up against massive hailstorms. Brava Roof Tile products require no special underlays and undergo extensive testing to ensure durability. By purchasing from us, you can invest in a beautiful roofing material that will help keep you and your property safe.

Request a sample today of our hail-resistant roofing. Contact Brava Roof Tile to learn more about our products. To speak to a representative, call 844-290-4196.