Solar Panel Integration: Building A Better Future with Brava

Solar Panel Integration 3

Although many homeowners are turning to solar powered energy as a better sustainable option for power, there’s still one thing they’re forgetting:

If you’re truly trying to create a sustainable home by using solar power energy, you need to use Brava Roof Tiles. Want to know why?

We’ll tell you below.

Turning to the Sun: The Value Solar Panels

The fact is: there are a ton of benefits to having solar panels on your home, and if you have them, you understand that.

Having solar panels isn’t just about being able to keep your lights on if a storm turns off your lights. It’s also not about adding extra value to your home—though that is a common benefit.

It’s about reducing the amount of energy you use each month. (And sure, saving a bit of money every month is also nice.)

In other words, by choosing to use solar panels, you’re deciding to contribute to a more sustainable future—one that sees that value in using alternative resources for your home.

However, other components of your house may also be contributing to a negative impact on the environment—and it might be sitting right above your head.

It's all in the Materials

Every part of the roof is important for solar panel installation, including the roofing material that you use. And if you truly want to build a sustainable home, you need to consider the roofing material you’re using. Here’s why:

Not all roofing materials have sustainability in mind. They’re not built to last, not created to reduce carbon emissions, and not made to be recyclable.

Even the options that are recycled have the future potential to cause emissions. Not to mention, they can be difficult to maintain and install. For example:

Asphalt is the most common roofing material in residential homes and is highly compatible with solar panels because of its flexibility. However, if you have lifting or curling shingles, you may need to replace the entire roof

Metal roofs are another option that offer a longer lifespan than asphalt shingles, but installing solar panels on metal roofs is much more complicated.

Clay tile and slate roofing are also similar, and the process of breaking these materials down for reusability is definitely not sustainable.

All this goes to say one thing:

Although you're choosing to use sustainable energy with solar power, your roof material could still, in the future, have a negative impact on the environment—or cause you more stress down the line.

But there is a solution: Brava Roof Tiles

Brava Roof Tiles: The Sustainable Roofing Material

Nothing compares to the compatibility of composite tiles for sustainability.

Simply stated: they are created to be recycled and last a lifetime, unlike every other material.

Composite roof tiles are made by compressing recycled materials—the same ones that otherwise impact the environment—to make a highly durable and energy-efficient product.

But the best part is? They come in a variety styles, including cedar shakes, slate, and Spanish barrel tiles—with no shortage of color options to choose from.

Building A Better Future with Brava

Everyone wants to save money where they can, especially regarding utility bills, and that’s many homeowners install solar panels on their roofs.

But for you, using solar panels is about creating a sustainable and energy-efficient home—a way for you to reduce your carbon footprint and contribute to society.

And there’s no better way to help build your sustainable future than to combine your desire for clean energy than to use Brava Roof Tiles.

The only question you need to ask yourself is:

Are you ready to build a better future with Brava?