Roofing and Astronomy: Stargazing Spaces on Your Roof

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​​There is something magical about stargazing at night. The sky is full of stars, and each one is full of their own unique secrets. But how do we get a closer, unobstructed view of the stars? Here’s the answer: from the roofs of our homes!

Although many might not believe it, one of the best places to stargaze is on the roof of your home.

A Love Greater Than Earth

Of course, there is no single type of stargazer. Each person adapts to different habits, but they all share one thing: a love for the night sky.

While some make a living by traveling to the most remote areas to see the night sky, others invest in high-tech telescopes that let them explore the depths of the sky—and take stunning pictures—for the pure joy of the experience. (That’s where most of us fall in.)

However, some seek out a community of fellow starlovers, whether it’s a club or social gathering, to form connections and friendships with like-minded individuals.

All of them, though, are missing one component to watching stars: an area closer to home that lets them view the stars with the family: the top of their roof.

A Roof to Fuel the Passion

We recognize that stargazing from a roof isn't necessarily always possible. Although some roof styles are perfect from the start, others may require changes.

Flat roofs, for example, are the perfect solution, but they’re hard to come by, which is why we note that even low-sloping roofs can work.

Another option, one that many stargazers consider, is adding a rooftop deck to a steeper-sloped roof, one that sticks out from a dormer—an area for you to climb out of, stand on a flat surface, and take in the sky with your telescope.

No matter which option you decide, you need to make sure your roof has a durable, walkable material (which we will talk about next).

In the Details

If you plan on stargazing from your roof—and feel your roof is safe enough—you need to cover it with the right material.

Sure, materials like asphalt are fine to walk on, though they may lose some of their granule coating, and natural materials like cedar shakes, slate, and clay tiles are fragile—and only walked on by professionals.

Composite roofing tiles, however, make an excellent stargazing roof material. They can come in various styles, including cedar shakes, slate, and clay tiles, and companies like Brava offer composite tiles that are highly durable and low-maintenance.

Not to mention, they come in various colors and can be customized to match or contrast your home. In terms of stargazing, dark colors are the best choice. The roof can blend into the darker colors of the night and help make the sky even more visible.

Reaching for The Stars

Everybody has different hobbies they turn to when they want to relax after a long day. For some, it's reading a book. For others, it’s looking at the peaceful night sky from their roof.

Sure, you can stargaze from anywhere, but if your roof is designed properly, it can provide you with the perfect place to explore—one that’s closer and different from everyone else.

In fact, for an avid enthusiast, watching the stars from the roof can make all of the difference—one that all stargazers can remember.