Top 10 Architects in Florida for Your Next Project


Florida architects

Are you planning to build a magnificent home or commercial establishment? Raise up a structure beyond your wildest imagination by engaging one of the best architects in Florida.

When building a new luxury home or hotel, you only get one opportunity to do it right. The considerable investment that a new project requires will be worth it if you hire one of the best architects in the industry.

If you find yourself thinking about a new development, be sure to interview some of the top 10 architectural firms in Florida from our list below.

1. Silberstein Architecture

silberstein architect Florida

Strip away all of life’s distractions and let yourself unwind while surrounded by the simple elegance of Silberstein Architecture’s novel designs. As the Chapter Director for The American Institute of Architects (AIA) for Palm Beach, Jeffrey Silberstein champions a clean, contemporary minimalism that conforms to the client’s vision and effortlessly adapts to practical constraints.

Silberstein has received several awards and considerable recognition from the AIA and well-known publications, including:

  • Miami Home & Design
  • Dwell
  • Interior Design
  • Home
  • Tropic
  • Florida Design
  • Florida Trend
  • Ocean Home Magazine
  • Miami Herald
  • South Florida Sun Sentinel
  • The Palm Beach Post

2. Hughes Umbanhower Architects

Hughes Umbanhower Architects

Blend the glory of nature with the rigidity of modern life by engaging Hughes Umbanhower Architects for your next project. Scott Hughes and John Umbanhower conjure up breathtaking works of art that accentuate and unite with their surroundings, enhancing that which came before them.

The team at Hughes Umbanhower Architects continues to make space in creative, sustainable, and thought-provoking ways, making them the perfect choice for owners of complex sites.

3. Khoury Vogt Architects

Khoury Vogt Architects FL

Indulge in the opulent, regal designs of Khoury Vogt Architects. From Mediterranean-style, oceanfront palaces to Medieval-inspired towers, Erik Vogt and Marieanne Khoury create a sense of luxury and status that few architects in Florida can rival.

Demonstrating considerable range, Khoury Vogt Architects recently won a New Urban Guild Merit Award for their Caliza Court Rowhouses, inspired by designs present in Antigua and Bermuda. When not designing homes, the architectural duo finds itself preoccupied with civic buildings and hotels.

4. Brillhart Architecture

brillhart architecture

Interact with your natural surroundings from the comfort of your living room with Brillhart Architecture’s spacious, airy designs. Utilizing regional, organic materials in their architectural concepts, Jacob and Melissa Brillhart play with contrast and congruity to deliver a piece of art that either stands out from the local scenery or fades into it, depending on the disposition of the observer.

5. [Strang] Design

strang design florida

Gaze into the future when you behold [Strang] Design’s expert applications of environmental modernism. Max Strang and his team of 50 professionals see themselves as stewards of the environment. They continue to develop new ways to build that minimize the negative impact on the environment and design buildings that contribute to the ecological well-being of their surroundings.

6. Guy Peterson Office for Architecture

Free yourself of your worldly burdens by retaining the modern minimalist, Guy Peterson Office for Architecture. By upholding and promoting the Sarasota School of Architecture’s tropical modernism and Bauhaus sensibilities, Guy Peterson continues a tradition that has spanned nearly 100 years.

In 2020, Guy Peterson Office for Architecture’s Shank House won an Award of Excellence from the AIA.

7. Choeff Levy Fischman Architecture + Design

Experience the divine when you step into one of the hyperrealistic worlds created by Choeff Levy Fischman Architecture + Design. Specializing in ultramodern homes, Ralph Choeff, Raphael Levy, and Paul Fischman produce otherworldly environments for high-end clients looking to make a statement in South Florida.

Recently, Choeff Levy Fischman established a new record when one of their Palm Island residences sold for over $20 million.

8. Konstant Architecture Planning

Create a home that will stand the test of time as a specimen of traditional American architecture by engaging Konstant Architecture Planning to draft your designs. Paul Konstant has put together a team of 15 elite professionals to carry on and improve upon the most enduring concepts in the field of architecture.

Catering to only the most discerning clientele, Konstant Architecture Planning is the perfect firm for restoring historical buildings across the country.

9. SDH Studio Architecture + Design

Break on through to the multi-dimensional realms dreamed up by SDH_Studio Architecture + Designs. When Stephanie Halfen and her team go to work, they draft residential and commercial designs that M.C. Escher would appreciate. However, unlike the absurd geometry of the famed graphic artist, SDH_Studio prioritizes form, function, and integration to produce award-winning structures.


Previously known as Rex Nichols Architects, STUDIO KHORA carries on the 30-year, award-winning legacy of one of the best architects in Florida. Some of the architectural design concepts from Rex Nichols Architects endure. However, a novel vision inspired by Plato’s Khôra has emerged.

Named after a term used to describe the formless, albeit material, substratum to which all intelligible things attach, STUDIO KHORA heralds a new beginning for one of the most prestigious architectural firms in Florida.