Better Than Wood: Composite Cedar Shake Roof

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Fake Cedar Shake Roof

Project Showcase: Princeton, Illinois

When it came time to replace their cedar shake roof, the owners of this gorgeous property on an elevated lot in Princeton, IL decided not to go back with real cedar. Instead they opted for Brava Roof Tile’s synthetic Cedar Shake in the “Aged” color because of its durability and authentic appearance.

Brava’s composite “Aged” Cedar Shake is a variegated color with a mix of gray and brown designed to look like a real cedar shake roof that has started to age. In addition to Brava’s authentic appearance, the fact that Brava’s products are durable and maintenance free was also a big selling point. Having had a real cedar shake roof for a number of years, the homeowners had seen their once beautiful new cedar shake roof develop mold and mildew, and were well aware of the annual maintenance required of real cedar. Installing a synthetic Brava Cedar Shake roof eliminated the issues with real cedar.

The final product is a beautiful composite cedar shake roof with the authentic appearance of real cedar and without the hassle of the annual maintenance!

Composite Cedar Shake Roof Photo Gallery