Why Composite Roof Tile Is the Best Roofing Material for Homes in Orlando

Composite roofing orlando florida

Florida may be known as the Sunshine State, though it still experiences its fair share of severe rainfall, humidity, extreme hurricane-force winds, hail, and more. Such weather conditions make finding a durable roofing material a daunting task.

Popular traditional options like asphalt, metal, and tile have long dominated the market, although nothing compares to the rise in synthetic, composite roofing from Brava Roof Tile among Orlando-area homeowners.

Orlando’s Top Weather Concerns for Roofing Materials

Weather Concerns for Roofing Materials in Orlando

All roofing materials have expected lifespan ranges. One of the top factors affecting how long your roof will last is your climate and environment. Many different weather conditions affect roofing system performance.

For example, certain materials perform best in dry climates because they cannot withstand moisture absorption, which causes damage. Other materials that can withstand moisture may not do well in hail-prone areas or under high winds.

The top weather factors you must keep in mind as an Orlando resident seeking a new roofing material are the following:

  • UV damage: Extreme UV rays from the summer sun can wear down protective coatings on shingles, causing more rapid damage.
  • Hurricanes and wind: Many roofing shingles cannot withstand high winds and may blow off or become damaged during such storms.
  • Rain and humidity: Moisture absorption causes many interior and exterior roofing complications that can compromise the entire system, potentially causing leaks.
  • Hail: Extreme Florida hailstorms can cause roof denting and damage.

In Orlando, FL, composite roofing from Brava Roof Tile offers the best performance against the above conditions.

Common Orlando Roofing Materials and Their Pitfalls

The most common roofing materials in Orlando homes include asphalt, metal, and tile. While these materials may offer a few advantages, they cannot withstand the area’s climate well enough for optimal value and longevity.

Asphalt Shingle Roofs

asphalt roof orlando

Asphalt shingles are America's most common roofing systems, as they generally are affordable and durable in forgiving climates. Because of its popularity, you can easily find experienced contractors for an asphalt shingle roof. Asphalt comes in various colors, designs, and upgrade features to meet your needs.

Unfortunately, asphalt roofs come with the following disadvantages for homes in Central Florida:

  • Reduced durability: Asphalt shingles can easily suffer damage from water absorption, plant growth, high winds, hail, and hurricane debris–all commonly associated with Orlando homes. Because of this reduced durability, asphalt systems won’t last as long as other materials and will require more maintenance and repairs.
  • Poor wind resistance: A mild windstorm can easily send a few of your shingles flying, not to mention a severe hurricane. Asphalt roofs cannot withstand high winds, especially in hurricane conditions.
  • High water absorption rates: Asphalt shingles are not waterproof and may absorb moisture over time. The extreme humidity and rainfall in Orlando can cause excess mold, fungi, and algae growth within the system, which leads to more damage.
  • Poor energy efficiency: Asphalt roofs do not offer optimal energy efficiency under Orlando’s many months of heat.

Metal Roofing

Metal Roof Orlando

Metal roofing may sound like an ideal choice to Orlando homeowners since it’s practically waterproof, though it still comes with quite a few disadvantages, including the following:

  • Dent risks: Metal roofing is thin and lightweight, which means it can easily dent during a hailstorm or from hurricane debris. Not only do dents ruin the roof’s visual appeal, but they can damage the underlying structure and cause additional issues.
  • Installation complications: Metal roof installations require sufficient knowledge and qualifications. Because metal roofs are less common, you may struggle to find contractors with enough experience installing such systems.
  • Reduced style options: Metal roofs may come in a few different colors and finishes, though generally, they’ll always offer a modern and contemporary appearance. If you want a more traditional home look, you will need to select a different material.

Clay and Concrete Tile Roofs

tile roof orlando

Many Orlando homeowners choose clay or concrete tile roofs for the aesthetic, though like the above options, tiles have many downfalls. Some tile disadvantages include the following:

  • Weight: Clay and concrete tiles weigh far more than most other roofing materials, creating extra installation costs and potential complications.
  • Complex installation requirements: As with metal roofs, you may have trouble finding contractors with enough experience and equipment to install such heavy systems.
  • Fragility: Clay tiles are notoriously fragile and known to break from even the lightest pressure. One minor hailstorm can leave you with expensive repairs on your hands.

What’s the Best Roofing Material in Orlando?

the Best Roofing Material in Orlando

Brava’s composite synthetic roofing is an advanced solution that combines recyclable materials for maximum durability without style compromises. Many homeowners are shifting toward synthetic roofing in Orlando because of its longevity, optimal wind resistance, waterproof coatings, and excellent styling options. Brava Roof Tile offers three synthetic roofing profiles to choose from: Spanish Barrel, Slate & Cedar Shake.

Composite roofs can mimic the appearance of many different organic materials, including those listed above, without the associated disadvantages. In fact, Brava Roof Tile's composite materials are so durable and realistic, that they can be found installed at some of Orlando's largest theme parks!

Composite Roofing From Brava Roof Tile

Composite Roofing From Brava Roof Tile

At Brava Roof Tile, we offer the best composite roofing in the U.S. Our systems feature extreme UV protection, wind resistance up to 188MPH with ring shank nails and up to 211MPH with high wind screw installation, the highest impact resistance rating, 50-year warranties, and excellent style options. Request a sample online, or call Brava Roof Tile today at (844) 290-4196 for more information about composite roofing in Orlando, FL.