Durable, Synthetic Roofing for Theme Parks, Water Parks, and Zoos

Synthetic Roofing for Theme Parks and zoos

Selecting a new roofing material for a large theme park is extremely important. You need something that will last a long time, require little maintenance, and withstand different weather conditions. Replacing every roof takes a lot of time and money, so you want to ensure that they will last as long as possible.

Synthetic roofing for theme parks, water parks, and zoos is an excellent choice as it provides extreme durability, a long lifespan, and wonderful style choices. Below, our roofing experts at Brava Roof Tile will discuss everything you need to know about selecting commercial roofing building materials.

Why Do Theme Parks Need Durable Roofs?

water park cedar shake roofing

Many people overlook the importance of high-quality roofing materials in a theme park, as these venues are typically outdoors. All zoos, water parks, and amusement parks still require ample buildings that all need roofs. For example, you may have concession stands, bathrooms, first-aid clinics, merchandise shops, amusement game rooms, indoor attractions, towel stands near water features, employee break rooms, and other shelters.

Commercial parks need roofs that will last for many years. The process of replacing roofs takes a lot of time, money, and scheduling effort, which can be especially difficult with year-round operating theme parks. You need a roofing material that can withstand all weather conditions for decades with minimal upkeep.

Aside from durability, you may also want roofs that can match the theme park’s aesthetic. For example, a water park may wish to offer a tropical feel, while the zoo may prefer a natural safari appearance.

Why You Should Choose Brava Roof Tile

synthetic spanish roof tile theme park

Brava Roof Tile produces top-notch synthetic roofs that offer the beauty of natural materials with extreme durability for commercial theme parks. With a 50-year warranty, you can depend on your roofs lasting for half a century with minimal upkeep or issues. All Brava Roof Tile products offer:

  • Fire-resistant materials
  • The best impact rating (Class 4)
  • Miami-Dade County approval
  • Brava tiles are tested and approved to withstand wind speeds of up to 188MPH with ring shank nails and up to 211MPH with high wind / screw installation.
  • Strong UV protection
  • Closed-cell materials that minimize water absorption

Aside from strength, Brava Roof Tile products come in any color you can imagine, easily blending into the park’s theme. You can also choose between the different traditional appearances of cedar shake, slate, and Spanish barrel tiles.

With the most thorough quality standards on the market, you can depend on Brava Roof Tile to deliver top-notch results every time.

Theme Park Roofing FAQs

composite cedar shake roof zoo

Adding new roofs to an entire theme park is a big decision, so you likely have more questions. Below, we will answer some of the most frequently asked questions that we get from commercial clients about synthetic roofing for theme parks, water parks, and zoos.

What Maintenance Do Brava Roof Tile’s Roofs Require?

Brava Roof Tile’s products are virtually maintenance-free for the entire lifespan of the roof, which is 50 years or more. You should not experience any troubles, and if you do, the product will remain under warranty for that entire duration.

Do Other Theme Parks Use Brava Roof Tile Products?

black composite spanish roof tile at theme park orlando

Yes! Some of the world’s biggest theme parks use Brava Roof Tile products as their go-to roofing solution. Our products protect buildings around the globe, enabling commercial park owners to operate with minimal complications or added costs.

Are Brava Roof Tile’s Products Environmentally Friendly?

Brava Roof Tile crafts the synthetic composite roofing out of 100% recyclable materials. Using recyclable plastic and sustainable products makes our roofs weigh less, stand stronger, and maintain color far longer than other plastic options.

We understand that many zoos and theme parks want to remain as eco-friendly as possible, especially when supporting natural wildlife. Our roofs can help you meet your commercial needs without damaging the environment.

Do Synthetic Roofs Look Like Natural Materials?

realistic synthetic slate roof tile

You might wonder how these recycled materials could look like natural wood, slate, or Spanish tiles. Unlike many other roofing providers that use products that appear plastic and fake, Brava Roof Tile provides a realistic appearance by coloring the entire material rather than just a thin coating.

The lightweight roof tile design and color through technology prevents fading, making your roofs look natural for decades.

What If I Just Want a Plain Appearance?

Brava Roof Tile offers the only white-colored composite roof on the market. The white Spanish roofing style allows for a more subtle and sleek appearance. If the color gets dirty, you can easily wash it at any time.

Our smooth tiles feature high solar reflectivity, making them last longer under the sun than asphalt shingles. Asphalt shingles typically appear dull since they are not truly white.

Aside from white, you can choose any color for your roof style. We will complete the process of custom color matching so that the new roofs blend seamlessly into the rest of the park.

Skip the Headaches and Choose Brava Roof Tile

Brava Roof Tile products are the go-to choice for amusement parks around the world for a reason. Look no further if you’re searching for synthetic roofing for theme parks, water parks, and zoos. The choice is obvious with strong durability, a long warranty, beautiful styles, and environmentally friendly materials.

Skip the headache of costly and timely replacements and choose a roofing option that will last you many years. Get a quote or request a sample online today for your commercial project.

Call Brava Roof Tile at (844) 290-4196. or request a sample online, for more information from one of our commercial roofing professionals!