5 Signs It May Be Time for a Metal Roof Replacement

Signs It May Be Time for a Metal Roof Replacement

Are you thinking it’s time for a metal roof replacement for your home? Committing to such a time-consuming and costly project is a tough decision, so doing your research before you start calling roofing companies makes sense.

From rust to storm damage, there are numerous disadvantages of metal roofs. In this article, we’ll let you know the signs to look for to help you know when to replace your metal roof. If your metal roof in fact does need to be replaced, consider Brava Roof Tile as the ultimate solution for all your concerns.

What Are the Signs It’s Time for a Metal Roof Replacement?

Below are a few of the most significant things to watch for if you want to know when it’s best to get a metal roof replacement.

1. Worn, Damaged Paint

worn metal roof with damaged paint

Paint damage is a bad sign for your metal roof and can happen in many ways, whether a storm causes heavy tree branches to crash into your roof or contractors leave a few marks while working atop your house.

Your metal roof’s paint finish protects the material from harsh weather and preserves the color, keeping your roof looking bright and flawless as long as the finish lasts. Typically, a painted finish lasts around 10-40 years, but weather damage and accidents can drastically shorten its lifespan.

If you notice the color fading or scratches in the paint, you might want to consider a metal roof replacement before the damage spreads to your home’s structure.

2. Corrosion and Rust

rusted standing seam metal roof

As we mentioned above, the painted coating on your metal roof protects it from damage, including corrosion. However, worn or damaged paint can’t do its job properly, causing your metal roof to deteriorate.

You might not spot problems with your roof’s paint finish early on, but you’ll likely notice rusted or corroded areas of the metal roof because of the stark discoloration it creates. This issue comes from exposure to the elements and chemical reactions of different metals, leading to a process that eats away at the metal.

Corrosion is a common cause of leaks in metal roofs, especially when the protective coating wears off. In light of the damage corrosion and rust cause, you’ll likely need to replace your metal roof when this happens.

3. Metal Roof Leaks

metal roof leak

It’s possible to find leaks in your home before you notice damage to your metal roof. The issues that cause leaks range from improperly installed metal roofs to storm damage, which can be impossible to spot from the ground and hard to recognize up close if you’re not a trained roofer.

Slight gaps created by the expansion and contraction of the metal, holes from corrosion, and other types of wear and tear allow water to make its way inside. Leaks could lead to rampant mold growth, damage the materials making up your home’s structure, and interfere with your electrical systems.

Depending on the extent of the leak and square feet of damage to your metal roof, a full replacement could be the safest option to protect the integrity of your house.

4. Damage to the Metal Roof Panels

damaged metal roof

One of the more obvious signs it’s time for a metal roof replacement is damage to the metal roof panels themselves. Metal roofs are generally durable, weather resistant, and hard to penetrate, but they can still sustain significant storm damage that threatens their ability to protect your home.

When powerful winds and hail storms assault your home, metal roofs can develop multiple dents, scratches, and, in some cases, bent panels. While a professional metal roof repair can help here and there to extend the life of your roof, major damage to the panels often calls for partial or total roof replacement.

5. Old Age

Metal roofs are supposed to last more than 40 to 50 years, but you might start seeing hints of deterioration due to age much earlier. Depending on where you live, local air and weather conditions, such as high humidity, salty air, and heavy rains, could cause your metal roof to start giving out within 20 to 30 years.

If your metal roof is a few decades old and has had its fair share of weather damage and repairs, it could be time to start considering whether a metal roof replacement would be the most economical decision.

Certain roof materials might be a better fit than metal for your home. Composite roof tiles, which come from recycled plastics, can withstand all kinds of weather and are known to last longer than 50 years.

Replace Your Metal Roof With Brava Roof Tile

brava roof tile slate installed on home

It’s understandable to shy away from a potentially overwhelming metal roof replacement project, but ignoring roofing damage can lead to more expensive repairs down the road. Choosing a new roofing material such as Brava Roof Tile is the best option for those looking for a maintenance free roof! Brava Roof Tile is the industry's leading manufacturer of composite roofing materials, available in 3 profiles: Old World Slate, Cedar Shake, and Spanish Barrel Tile.

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