What Color Roof Is Best for a White House?

What Color Roof Is Best for a White House

If you own a white house or recently painted it a light shade, you may wonder what color roof is best for a white house. The way the color of roofing shingles compliments your home’s exterior can bring your curb appeal to the next level. Simple color contrast draws attention to your home’s unique features and makes your property stand out.

In this blog, our team at Brava Roof Tile explains about how to choose roof colors for a white house.

The Best Roof Colors for a White House

Picking the right roofing color for white houses can feel like a guessing game because of the project’s scope. You won’t be able to see the outcome ahead of time without viewing the color combination on sample homes.

To help you get started, we compiled a list of the most popular choices of roof colors for white houses, so you can begin visualizing the best option for your home’s style.

1. White House, Brown Roof

white house brown roof
Brava Cedar Shake - Color: Weathered

The white house, brown roof color combo is a traditional, tried-and-tested design that can look stunnning on various architectural designs, including Mediterranean and Tuscan-style homes, colonial builds, traditional properties, ranch-style homes, cottages, and more. Brown adds warm tones to your property, making the space feel cozy and inviting. You can compliment the color with black trim for a more modern and dark edge or brown accents for a countryside feel.

Brown roofs come in many shades, ranging from light tan to rich mahogany. Lighter colors reflect heat better, offering optimal energy efficiency, so if you live in a hot and sunny climate, you may want to pick a light brown shade. Brown also works for a wide variety of roofing materials, including asphalt, wood shake, metal, clay barrel tiles, and composite, to name a few.

The most popular brown roofing option is asphalt, a widely used shingle across all American homes. If you're considering an asphalt roof, however, keep in mind its higher maintenance requirements, shorter lifespan, environmental impact, and poor weather resistance.

2. White House, Black Roof

white house black roof
Brava Spanish Tile - Color: Onyx

The white house, black roof combo offers a cutting-edge modern appearance that will surely make your home shine. Contemporary, modern, and certain ranch-style homes typically look best with this stark color contrast combo. Whether you have a painted white brick house, stucco, or wood siding, a black roof can make your home feel like a state-of-the-art luxury build that you’d see in magazines.

Many roofing materials come in black, including composite, metal, and asphalt. Because black roofs absorb heat, they’re less than ideal for energy efficiency. If you live in a cold climate, a black roof can help your home stay warm during harsh winters, though if you’re in a hot, sunny desert, you may want to consider another option.

If you’re considering metal roofs, understand the disadvantages, including dent risks, installation costs, and noisiness, before purchasing.

3. White House, Red Roof

white house red roof
Brava Spanish Tile - Color: French Clay

When considering the best color roof for a white house, we also wanted to include more vibrant colors. The white house and red roof combo looks like a classic garden home, suitable for many environments and styles. For example, a white brick house with a red roof offers a historical colonial appearance, while a stucco home with a rustic red roof will look more like a desert or Spanish-style home.

Red roofs offer a standard level of energy efficiency, reflecting and absorbing different amounts of heat. This makes them a decent option for many climates. You can purchase asphalt, clay, metal, wood shake, and composite roofing materials in shades of red.

One of the most popular red roofing materials is clay. While clay barrel tiles offer an organic, stylish appearance, they’re extremely fragile, heavy to install, unable to withstand temperature fluctuations, and offer little durability against many weather patterns.

4. White House, Green Roof

The white house, green roof combo is one of the more unique options on our list, though it works well with many styles. You can use a sage green roof in cottages and country-style homes to embrace the organic feel or a more industrial, brighter shade in traditional homes and farmhouses for a lush appearance. Most green roofs tend to be on the lighter end of the color range, offering excellent energy efficiency in hot climates.

One of the most popular green roofing options is metal, though you can also find this color in composite shingles and a select few other roofing materials. For the best selection of green options with superior durability and longevity, you should pick a green composite tile option from Brava.

Shop Brava Roofs: Available in Any Color You Desire

Now that you know the answer to “What color roof is best for a white house?” it’s time to begin shopping. At Brava Roof Tile, our composite solutions come in infinite color options, allowing you to select the perfect style for your home’s needs. We offer color matching if you want to match your new roof to an inspirational picture.

Be sure to try out the Brava Roof Visualizer tool to see how different color roofing materials look on different homes.

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