Why Illinois Homeowners Are Replacing Their Cedar Shake Roofs With Synthetic Shake

Illinois home with brava synthetic cedar shake roof

Are you tired of spending money on repairs and maintenance for your cedar shake roof? The natural beauty of the wood might give your home tons of curb appeal, but Illinois weather will make it challenging to maintain the fragile cedar shingle roof.

Composite cedar shakes are your best alternative type of roofing. These durable shingles can easily withstand hail, UV rays, and other hazards while perfectly imitating the look of authentic cedar roofing. Keep reading to discover why you should choose Brava Roof Tile’s composite shake for your cedar shake roof replacement.

Common Issues With Traditional Cedar Shake Roofs in Illinois

problems with cedar shake roofing in illinois

Cedar shake roofs are full of gorgeous, natural colors that perfectly complement classic-style homes, but the costs of repairing and replacing the cedar shakes can be overwhelming. This traditional wood roofing material doesn’t hold up well in sunny, humid environments, and extreme weather can cause the cedar shakes to become brittle. Cedar shakes are also a notorious fire hazard, causing many homeowners to look for alternatives.


Illinois weather events that frequently cause problems for cedar shake roofs include:

  • Hailstorms
  • UV damage
  • Heavy rain & thunderstorms
  • Lightning
  • Snow
  • Tornadoes

Wooden shakes are prone to drying and cracking in the heat, and the color can fade dramatically in the sun. The humidity during Illinois summers can nurture algae growth on cedar shake roofs since the wood traps moisture. The life expectancy of a cedar shake roof is up to 20 years, the same as asphalt shingles, but severe weather damage can lead to a much shorter lifespan.


wood shake roof fire

Wood shake roofs are restricted in many places, especially those with a higher risk of brush or forest fires. Cedar shakes are highly flammable and pose a serious hazard to your home if a fire starts, which is why neighborhoods often ban the use of the wooden roofing material.

Maintenance and Repairs

Traditional cedar shakes require regular chemical treatments and maintenance to prolong the life of the roof. Treatments can get costly over the years. Homeowners often find it time to replace rotting and molding wood, especially in humid regions like Illinois.

When Does a Cedar Shake Roof Need Replacing?

While cedar shakes are supposed to have a long lifespan, exposure to the elements makes them vulnerable to damage and loss. As cedar shake roofs age, the wood can begin to deteriorate and rot, breaking down until your home is in danger of leaks and water damage. When the wood curls or cracks, those are signs that your cedar shakes are becoming too damaged to protect your house.

Synthetic Shake vs. Natural Cedar Shake Roofing in Illinois

brava synthetic shake roofing

Authenticity is a sought-after standard for many people, but sometimes trying to do things the “old way” can have detrimental effects on your home and your wallet. Cedar shakes are undoubtedly an attractive roofing material, but synthetic shake roof shingles brings many modern benefits to your home.

Some of the most notable advantages of synthetic cedar shake over traditional cedar shake include:

  • Higher durability
  • Lower installation costs
  • Less maintenance
  • More color options
  • Better fire protection
  • Less impact on the environment


The materials in Brava synthetic cedar shake shingles are compressed plastics from recycled waste, and you can recycle the tiles once your roof’s lifespan is up. The sustainability of composite tiles enables you to reduce your impact on the environment and create zero waste when installing a new roof on your home.


While Brava synthetic roof tile and cedar shake shingles have similar wind resistance, each composite shake has the following protections:

  • Class 4 impact-resistance
  • UV protection
  • Freeze- and thaw-resistance
  • Hail damage warranty
  • Class A or C fire rating
  • Colored throughout

You don’t need frequent maintenance with composite cedar shakes because your roof tiles won’t break or crack like natural wood. The material is also lightweight, requiring no additional structural support, which cuts down on installation costs.


brava shake roof color aspen

Synthetic cedar shakes look true to life, imitating the split-wood texture and natural coloring of genuine types of cedar. Brava’s synthetic tiles come in eleven color variations of cedar styles. If you prefer the natural look of aged cedar, you can get our composite shakes in the faded gray and brown tones of the original wood, from the deep grayish-black on Onyx to the warm brown of New Cedar. We also can create custom colors to get the look you want!

Our product accurately captures the color and texture of traditional cedar shakes but adds increased durability and life expectancy. Our synthetic tiles use long-lasting mineral pigments, and they have UV inhibitors to prevent color washing.

Fire Safety

Traditional cedar shakes require chemical treatment to add fire resistance, but the wood material is naturally very combustible. Brava composite tiles have Class A or Class C fire ratings, making your home safer for your family.

Replace Your Cedar Shake Roof With the Best Synthetic Shake Shingles

synthetic cedar shake roofing illinois

If you're a homeowner in Illinois, it might be time for a cedar shake roof replacement. When it comes time to replace your old shake roof, choose Brava Roof Tile. Illinois' weather is no match for Brava's synthetic cedar shake shingles!

Brava uses innovative manufacturing techniques to perfectly mirror the natural texture of authentic cedar shakes, including roof tiles 22 inches long and of varying widths (5”, 7”, or 12”). Made with recyclable materials, our composite tiles also provide a zero-waste solution for your cedar shake roof replacement. The virtually maintenance-free Brava Roof Tile comes with a 50-year warranty.

Request a sample online, call our synthetic roofing experts at Brava Roof Tile at 844-290-4196.