How To Choose the Right Roofer for Your Project

How to choose the right roofer for your project

If you’re planning to install a new roof or get your roof replaced, you may ask how to choose a roofer that will fit your needs. You want to find a professional, trustworthy, experienced, service-oriented company that will install a high-performing, long-lasting roof.

Brava Roof Tile has partnered with some of the best roofing companies throughout the USA and Canada. Brava Preferred Contractors have been selected for numerous reasons, and are the trusted source for installing a new Brava roof.

Read on and learn how to hire a roofing contractor in six basic steps.

1. Look Into Local Roofing Companies

Look Into Local Roofing Companies

Hiring a local contractor offers several benefits when you’re planning a roofing project, including the following:

  • Knowledge of the local climate. If your region gets high winds, heavy snowfall, or a lot of hail, a local contractor can suggest the types of roofing materials that work best for your area.
  • A track record of local projects. A roofer who works in your town or neighborhood has likely completed projects that you can view in person to get a first-hand impression of their work.
  • Faster response. If you need quick roofing repairs or emergency work, a local roofer will likely be more accessible and responsive than an out-of-town contractor.
  • Compliance with building codes. Last but not least, a reputable local roofer can ensure that your home improvement project follows your region’s building codes.

2. Browse Reviews and Recommendations

roofing company reviews

Reviews and recommendations are essential parts of finding a roofing contractor. A word-of-mouth recommendation from someone you trust is probably the most reliable endorsement you can get, but you can also gauge the roofing company’s professionalism and level of service by browsing its local online reviews.

Please remember that every professional will have the occasional unhappy client, so a couple of negative reviews are probably nothing to worry about. However, watch out if several reviews consistently point out a specific problem, like poor material quality or failure to keep up with project timelines.

3. Interview the Roofer

interview the roofer

The question of how to choose a roofer is easier to resolve when you know what to ask a roofing contractor. An interview with your prospective roofer should address the following questions:

  • Does the contractor specialize in roofing? You can usually expect more professional results from a company that focuses on roofing than a jack-of-all-trades contractor.
  • What type of roofing materials does the contractor use? Do they have experience working with advanced synthetic roofing materials like Brava roof tiles?
  • How many people make up the roofing team? A single contractor may do fine with quick repairs, but you’ll probably need a crew for a full roof replacement or installation.
  • Will the contract include worksite cleanup and disposal of old materials? How will the crew handle bad weather?
  • What types of warranties does the roofing contractor offer?

4. Check Licenses and Insurance Before Hiring a Roofer

If your state mandates roofers’ licenses, ensure the contractor has a valid license. You should also verify that your roofer carries all the required insurance, such as workers’ comp coverage. Without workers’ comp and general liability policies, you could be responsible for any incident on the worksite—from an injured worker to accidental property damage.

Finally, check whether your roofing contractor carries a surety bond. Surety bonds guarantee you will receive compensation if the project results in damage or the roofer can’t complete the work for any reason beyond your control.

5. Review the Roofer’s Accomplishments and Certifications

While not every roofer will carry an impressive list of awards and prizes, a contractor should at least present a detailed portfolio of relevant projects, preferably with references.

Manufacturer certifications are another major confidence vote when you research “how to choose a roofer.” Sure, a roofer can take on projects without being manufacturer certified, but a certification guarantees a certain level of competence in working with specific materials.

Each year, Brava gives away Excellence Awards to roofing companies whose work showed unmatched professionalism, aesthetics, and quality. Our winners consistently deliver superior results on Brava roofing projects in their service areas.

6. Get a Project Quote

roofing quote

You can learn a lot about a roofer simply by requesting a project estimate (which, by the way, should always be free). A detailed, clear, and direct estimate speaks volumes about your contractor’s credibility and professionalism.

A roofing project quote should cover the following:

  • An estimate of the project’s total cost, with a transparent breakdown of all prospective expenses
  • A description of your roof’s present condition and the planned work
  • The total square footage the project will cover
  • The materials the roofer proposes to use in the project
  • Your warranty options, including the possibility of warranty transfer if you sell your property
  • A realistic project timeline with consideration of possible inclement weather
  • The exact payment terms and schedule, including payment methods, down payment, and financing options, if any

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brava preferred contractor

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