The Best Spanish Tile Roofing for Boca Raton, FL Homeowners


Boca Raton, FL is well known as a destination for retirees and is an affluent area on the southeast coast of Florida, about 45 minutes north of Miami. Much of Boca Raton was developed in the 1920s during a land boom in which developers bought plots of land to develop into planned communities often centered around a grand hotel.

One developer and architect who exerted a large stylistic and visionary influence on Boca Raton was Addison Mizner. When he arrived and began designing homes and large, multi-use complexes, he drew from his experiences in Spain and Latin America to bring Mediterranean style to the area which continues to be a prominent design style.

With average temperatures of 86-degrees in the summer and 75-degrees in the winter, there are typically no freezing temperatures to contend with. Boca Raton averages just over six inches of rain annually, so it is mostly dry yet humid throughout the year. Because it is on the coast, the area is prone to tropical storms and hurricanes, leading to high winds and extreme amounts of rain.

The Mediterranean influence and hot and humid climate made Spanish tile roofing for Boca Raton, FL buildings a popular choice. Clay tiles are manufactured with natural materials and feature a variation in color as a result. They can withstand heat and humidity and can typically last for 30 years. If maintained properly, clay tile roofs can last 100 years.

Spanish Barrel Tile Materials: Advantages And Disadvantages

While clay was the original material used for barrel tiles, they can also be made from metal, concrete, or synthetic materials. Each type of tile comes with unique advantages and disadvantages that we’ll explore to help you make the best choice for your building.

Clay Barrel Tiles

Clay barrel tiles have been the preferred roofing material for Mediterranean style homes for centuries. Originally made by hand and formed over a barrel (hence the name) and then fired in wood-fired kilns, barrel tiles have graced some of the most stunning examples of Mediterranean architecture.

Clay tiles come with many advantages:

  • They have a long life span of at least 30 years but they can last up to 100 years if properly maintained.

  • It is a low-maintenance material.

  • They offer a stunning and beautiful architectural element.

  • They’re durable and weather resistant.

They do have some disadvantages:

  • Their extreme weight requires additional structural support to account for the added weight of the roof.

  • Clay tiles come with a high cost and the need for experienced roofers for installation and repairs.

  • Clay is very strong, but it is also brittle which can lead to cracked tiles and expensive repairs.

  • Maintenance must be done by a professional to avoid cracked tiles, making maintenance expensive.

  • They will typically be the same color, though the color may vary depending on the clay used.

Concrete Barrel Tiles

Concrete barrel roof tiles can be used as an alternative to clay and have many of the same advantages and disadvantages of clay barrel tiles. They are durable and won’t crack as easily as clay, but they are heavy and still require the additional structural support that clay tiles do, making roof installation even more expensive.

Metal Barrel Tiles

Metal barrel tiles are a relatively new product that is used to replicate the look of Spanish barrel tiles without the weight or tendency to become brittle over time, leading to cracks and broken tiles. One advantage to metal barrel tiles is that they are easy to manufacture and companies that are already producing metal roof panels can add it to their production line fairly easily.

Some advantages to choosing metal barrel tiles include:

  • They are available in a wide range of color options.

  • They are easy to work with and lightweight.

  • Most roofers can install metal roofing, so you won’t need to seek out a specialist.

  • They hold up well to Boca Raton weather.

  • They require very little maintenance.

Disadvantages of metal barrel tiles include:

  • They have a higher cost than other roofing options.

  • Rain and hail makes lots of noise on a metal roof.

  • They expand and contract with changing temperatures.

  • They won’t break easily, but they will dent upon impact from debris.

  • They can be difficult to color match if tiles need to be replaced.

Synthetic Composite Spanish Barrel Tiles

Synthetic, or composite, roofing materials are manufactured from a mix of recycled materials, making it an eco-friendly alternative that won’t contribute to the depletion of natural resources.

Advantages of synthetic Spanish tile roofing include:

  • Their enhanced durability gives them the ability to stand up to all weather conditions without becoming brittle, cracking, or chipping.

  • They have a lower cost than clay or concrete barrel tiles, so no structural modifications are necessary.

  • They won’t break upon impact from debris.

  • They are available in a wide range of color options to complement the building’s aesthetic.

Though few, there are some disadvantages:

  • Some synthetic barrel tiles can look too shiny, making them look like replicas rather than the real things.

  • They are more expensive than other types of roofing materials, namely vinyl or asphalt, neither of which can replicate the Mediterranean style of clay tiles.

Brava’s Spanish Barrel Tiles Are The Best Choice For Boca Raton, FL

Brava’s synthetic Spanish Barrel Tile is the best alternative to clay, concrete, and metal barrel tiles, giving you peace of mind over the life of the roof. Our Spanish Barrel Tiles offer a range of benefits:

  • Class A Fire rating - the highest in the industry

  • Class 4 impact rating that offers the best protection against impacts, including hail

  • Our tiles are available in 13 standard colors and nearly unlimited custom colors. They are individually colored so there are no repeat patterns and they are colored throughout the tile for a robust appearance.

  • 50-year limited warranty

  • They can handle heat and moisture without the excessive contraction and expansion that is associated with metal roofing.

  • They are lightweight, so there’s no need for additional structural support.

  • Our tiles are easy to install, so there’s no need to hire a specialist or use special tools.

  • Composite tiles are incredibly low maintenance and can be walked on without fear of breaking or denting the tiles.

  • They are made from 100%-recycled material and can be recycled again at the end of their life to reduce the amount of material that ends up in landfills.

Contact the experts at Brava today to see and feel the difference. You can request a sample of our Spanish Barrel Tiles as well as our synthetic Cedar Shakes and Old World Slate, so you can make the right choice for your project.