Color Your World: A Guide to Picking the Perfect Roof Color for Your Home


Choosing a roof color is a big decision. Roofing projects are an investment in a home’s longevity, and they also have a big impact on the overall design and aesthetic of the home. Roof color choices range from the natural materials of cedar, slate, and clay tiles to the grays of asphalt shingles to the wide range of colors and hues of composite roof tiles.

Composite roof tiles offer many different colors along with the look and feel of natural materials. It’s not always possible to predict how natural materials will weather, but the composite color you choose will stand the test of time without fading or aging.

For roof color selection help, we’ve put together this list of how to select the best color roof for your home.

Check With The HOA

If you live in a neighborhood with an HOA, it’s important to check your HOA’s rules to see if there are any restrictions or requirements when it comes to your home’s roof color selection. This is true for both new builds and reroofing projects.

Look Around The Neighborhood

Even if an HOA isn’t involved, it’s good to take a look around the neighborhood and notice popular roof colors. You don’t have to choose the same roof color as your neighbors, but you may want to make sure the color doesn’t contrast starkly with the surrounding houses.

Choose The Perfect Roofing For Your Home’s Style

The design aesthetic and goals of your home will largely impact your roof color selection. The roof color selection for a gray and brick home will likely differ from a log home with black accents. The style of home also impacts the roof color selection. Choosing between Spanish barrel tiles, cedar shakes, and slate will also affect the roof color you choose.

Think Of Future Design Choices

If you’re re-roofing a home and think that a possible siding color change or exterior renovation is in the future, keep these changes in mind when choosing the color roof for your home.

Consider The Location And Climate

Climate is a big consideration in the color selection of roof shingles. In hot climates, a light-colored roof can help reflect heat and keep the house cooler. It may also help reduce cooling costs over time. Certain areas have roof requirements, like California’s Title 24, that you’ll have to take into consideration when selecting a roof color.

Use Online Tools To Test Different Colors And Styles

Brava’s Roof Visualizer allows you to upload a photo of your home or choose a scene of a home and see how different roof colors and styles will look on the home. It is an excellent way to test out different looks and get a good idea of what will look best, however it’s difficult to precisely replicate lighting conditions and you aren’t able to feel the texture of the roof tiles.

Brava also shows how light progression throughout the day can affect the color of your roof, so you can include even more considerations in your final decision.

Request A Sample

To see the actual roof tile color in real life, you can request a sample that allows you to see and feel the difference with Brava. You may even want to order a few samples so you can compare the colors and see which will work best on your roof.

Choose Brava And See The Difference

Brava offers a stunning array of different colors in each of our roof tile styles — Spanish Barrel Tiles, Cedar Shakes, and Old World Slate — each providing a lifetime of color.

We use mineral pigments to color our roof tiles, so the color won’t fade or break down over time when exposed to intense light as happens with chemical colorant used in other products. Our roof tiles are colored all the way through, not just on the surface, in order to create a durable and long-lasting color.

To truly capture the beauty of natural materials, we create color and texture variations throughout the tiles that mimic those that occur naturally in nature. This ensures that there won’t be repetitive patterns on the roof and that every single tile is unique.

In addition to a beautiful color selection, Brava roof tiles are:

  • UV-resistant - they won’t fade or become brittle over time

  • Fire-resistant - available in both Class A and Class C fire ratings

  • Long-lasting - come with a 50-year transferable warranty

  • Sustainable - made from recycled materials, they are also recyclable at the end of their life

  • Lightweight - easy to transport and install

  • Easy to install - unlike natural materials that require specialized installation, Brava roof tiles can be installed by a qualified contractor and even an experience DIY-er

Contact the experts at Brava today to discuss the perfect roof color selection for your home.