Replacing Your Slate Shingles With a Synthetic Roofing Material

Brava Old World Composite Slate Tile (Custom)

Slate shingles are among the most elegant and attractive types of roofing materials on the market today, but they aren’t without their drawbacks. While they can last quite a long time in the right conditions, slate tiles are prone to cracking and breaking, especially if they’re exposed to a lot of rooftop activity beyond normal weathering. And, if they’re not properly maintained, they can discolor under the sun. If this happens, it can be incredibly difficult to find replacement shingles that match the un-sunbleached portion of your roof.

If you’re starting to notice that your slate shingles are failing on you, then it’s time to consider a roof replacement. And, being such a laborious and expensive endeavor, you want to be absolutely certain you’re making the right choice. There are many different types of composite roofing, but you liked your old slate roof. It had a sophisticated charm and really stood out on your block. Fortunately, there are a ton of great options out there to help you find the best synthetic slate roof for your home.

The Advantages of Synthetic Slate Shingles

They’re More Weather Resistant

It’s no secret that natural slate tiles are tough stuff for your roof, and they do a good job of keeping your home protected. But in some climates, the drastic changes in temperature and volatile weather patterns can expose your slate shingles to elements it can’t withstand.

Natural slate can weaken and crack, crumble, or shatter, especially in the face of powerful storms or hailstones. The best synthetic slate roofing will come with a Class 4 impact rating, meaning it can withstand much more turbulence than natural stone. Plus, being made from softer synthetic materials, it’s not as prone to breakage.

They Cost a Lot Less

Synthetic slate shingles are also a lot cheaper than natural slate tiles. In many cases, even the best synthetic slate roofing tiles can run 40% cheaper than the “real” stuff. Plus, your new roof installation is easier with synthetic materials, you’ll save money on your labor costs, too.

Natural stone can be much harder to source, and mining takes a lot of labor. This means that the very process of obtaining raw materials to manufacture natural slate is a lot more intensive than the process of developing synthetics out of recyclable materials. Oh, and to that end- mining is a disaster for the environment. You’re reducing your carbon footprint by using types of composite roofing made with recyclable materials.

They Last a Long Time

Ok, so natural slate shingles can also last a long time. But that’s given that they’re installed perfectly and the home is located in a milder climate. Synthetic shingles offer much more consistent reliability and have the flexibility to endure a variety of harsher climates. You can expect your slate shingle roof to last 60 years or more. Properly maintained, it could survive for decades beyond even that time-frame.

Not only that, but they’re a lot safer than most other types of roofing materials. Synthetic slate shingles are highly fire resistant, keeping your home safer. And, if the occasional shingle does need to be replaced, it’s a lot easier to find synthetic styles that match your existing roof than it is to try and find a slab of natural slate that happens to match the color and texture closely enough.

They’re Endlessly Diverse

One of the most significant restrictions when it comes to natural slate shingles is the limited variety of colors, textures, sizes, and styles of shingles that are available. The best synthetic slate roofing manufacturers offer an enormous spectrum of choices to give you full control over customizing the look of your home.

Synthetic shingles can be purchased in multiple sizes, and they can be colored to match practically any existing roof style. You can even pick a stylish multicolor design to make your house really stand out in your neighborhood. The possibilities for customization are endless.

Other Types of Composite Roofing

If you’ve decided, maybe, that you don’t want to stick with the slate aesthetic, there are still other types of composite roofing that you can choose from.

Composite Cedar Shakes

Composite cedar shakes have risen in popularity in recent years, as they offer the gorgeous look of natural wood without all of the drawbacks that real wood comes with. Composite cedar shakes don’t have the problem with mold and rot that real wood does, and you don’t have to maintain it nearly as often to keep it looking at its best.

They’re often much more affordable than real wood, despite being even more durable and more fire-resistant. Plus, just like synthetic slate shingles, composite cedar shakes come in a myriad of shapes, sizes, and colors. If you prefer the classic wooden look over the sleek stone look, then synthetic cedar shakes are another great composite roofing material for you to consider.

Composite Barrel Tiles

Another seriously stylistic selection among the different types of composite roofing is the imitation clay barrel tile. These tiles so closely mimic the attractive look of Spanish clay tiles that most laypersons can’t tell the difference between synthetics and “the real deal.”

However, just like other natural roofing materials, “the real deal” isn’t all it’s cracked up to be - because it can crack! Synthetic barrel tiles are much sturdier and less susceptible to damage from the sun and the weather, which can cause the clay to embrittle, shatter, or crack. If you love the look of Spanish clay tiles, but you want a much hardier roof over your head, composite barrel tiles are the way to go.

If it’s time to replace that dingy old slate roof, check out the enormous selection of choices you can get from Brava Roof Tile. We make top-quality synthetic roofing materials that will give your home the protection and the attractive look that it deserves.