Reliable Roofing Systems that Can Withstand Winters in Maine

Roofing Systems that Can Withstand Winters in Maine

Environment plays a significant role in your roof’s staying power. In Maine, freezing winter temperatures, snow, and ice require water-resistant and durable materials.

If you live in Maine, you’re no stranger to frigid temperatures and heavy snow during the winter. You need a reliable roofing system you can count on to get you through the season without damaged shingles or tiles letting moisture into your home. Keep reading to learn about the critical considerations for your roof and the roofing systems that can withstand winters in Maine.

Roofing Considerations for Maine Winters

Maine residents need roofs that can tolerate the potential impacts of freezing temperatures and heavy snow. Consider these factors to choose the best roofing systems for your home in Maine.

Freezing Temperatures

Cold temperatures can damage your roof if your roofing system includes absorbent materials. An asphalt shingle roof, for example, may absorb water over time. This moisture freezes and expands when temperatures plummet, making the shingles crack and break.

The best roofing materials for freezing temperatures do not allow moisture to seep in, helping homeowners avoid costly maintenance.

Snow and Ice

Snow and Ice on roof

Snow and ice buildup on your roof can contribute to several issues. Snow is heavy and exposes the roof to a lot of moisture as it melts. Ice buildups, such as ice dams, can prevent this moisture from escaping the roof, leading to issues like mold growth and water damage.

Consider a non-absorbent roofing material that allows snow and ice to slide off before building up.

Durable, Long-Lasting Roofing Systems that Stand Up to Maine Winters

Let’s look at several roofing options and explore whether they can tolerate a Maine winter.

Metal Roofing

metal roof snow

Metal roofing systems provide a durable and low-maintenance option for roofs in Maine and other places with cold, snowy winters. The slick surface deters snow and ice collection. When correctly installed and maintained, metal roofs don’t absorb water, so you won’t have to deal with the freezing and thawing that damage other roofing materials. However, over time, metal roofs will rust if not maintained properly.

Slate Tile Roofing

Manufacturers craft slate tiles from stone for a durable and weather-resistant roofing system. Although these roofs tend to be very heavy, they provide excellent protection against freezing temperatures and heavy snowfalls. Unfortunately, slate tiles can be brittle and often require maintenance due to impact damage.

Cedar Shake Roofing

cedar shake roof snow

Cedar shake roofing systems offer an attractive look and good durability. However, many cities have begun to ban this roofing material due to its low fire resistance. Cedar shakes also require regular maintenance to prevent moisture absorption and subsequent mold and mildew growth.

Clay Tile Roofing

Clay tiles can be hefty, but many homeowners find it worthwhile to add the extra structural support for a beautiful roof. Like slate tiles, clay tiles break due to heavy impacts, necessitating repairs and replacement tiles. They have moderate water resistance but are vulnerable to cracking in freezing temperatures.

Composite Roofing (Winner)

composite roofing snow

Composite roofing systems are a popular choice among homeowners in all climates. The best composite materials feature high water, wind, and impact resistance, creating roofing systems that can withstand winters in Maine and other northern states.

Why You Should Consider BRAVA Composite Roofing For Your Home in Maine

If you want the attractive appearance of cedar shake, slate tile, or Spanish barrel clay roofing but don’t want the extra weight or maintenance requirements, composite roofing systems by Brava are the natural choice. These durable and beautiful roofing materials stand up to harsh winters and offer a truly authentic appearance.

Our composite roofing materials are highly resistant to water, wind, and heavy impacts for a durable and reliable roof. Our products include:

  • Brava Cedar Shakebrava shake - natural
    Featured Color: Natural
    Enjoy the natural look of a cedar shake roof without the extra maintenance. Our composite tiles look like the real thing but offer unmatched durability. Choose from 10 color options to find the look you desire.
  • Brava Slate Tilebrava slate - arendale
    Featured Color: Arendale
    If you’re looking for a gorgeous, durable slate tile roof but don’t want to deal with the weight of traditional slate, consider our alternative. With a one-inch profile, Brava slate tile looks authentic and offers unmatched durability.
  • Brava Spanish Barrel Tilebrava spanish barrel - aged mission
    Featured Color: Aged Mission
    If you have a Spanish-style home, consider our alternative to traditional barrel clay tiles. Our composite barrel tiles provide the same appearance as the real thing without the weight of actual clay.

Brava Roof Tile provides homeowners with beautiful and reliable roofing systems that can withstand winters in Maine. Say goodbye to the expense and hassle of roof maintenance, and choose a Brava roofing system for your home in Bar Harbor, Portland, Rockland, or anywhere throughout Maine.

Not sure Brava products are suitable for your home? Check out our photo galleries to see our composite roofing systems in action. You can also request a sample and quote online, or connect with a Brava preferred roofing company today.