Best Roofing Material for New England and the Northeast

Are you planning a roof replacement for your property in the Northeast? Selecting the suitable roofing material to withstand New England winters can be challenging. Before buying a new roof, you need to consider various factors, with the most significant being the climate, your building’s architectural design style, and costs.

The ideal roofing material for Northeastern properties is durable and resistant to heavy snowstorms. Roofs in the Northeast need thermal qualities adequate to maintaining a comfortable indoor temperature. This guide from Brava Roof Tile discusses some of the roofing material types you can consider for your residential or commercial property.

Metal Roofing

metal roofing

When hearing the term “metal roofs,” most people think of historical buildings with green copper roofs or commercial structures with corrugated metal sheets. However, metal roofing is rapidly becoming one of the most viable options for residential roofing, as it is recyclable, durable, and easy to install.

Metal roofs are growing in popularity as a roofing material for Northeast homes as they can easily shed snow. The most common metal roofing options include zinc, steel, aluminum, and copper, and you can easily find a type that fits your home’s design style.

Slate Roofing

slate roofing

Natural slate has been a popular roofing option in the United States since the 1600s. This high-end roofing material is fireproof, moisture- and rot-resistant, and highly durable. If you install slate roofing correctly, it can have a functional lifespan of a century, if not longer.

Slate roofs have several drawbacks, however. These tiles are heavy, difficult to install, and expensive. In some cases, modifications to the roof frame are necessary to ensure that the roof can support the weight of the stone. The composite Brava Old World slate roofing is a cost-effective alternative to natural slate that provides superior qualities.

Cedar Roofing

cedar roofing

A natural aesthetic appearance is the most significant benefit of cedar roofing shingles and shakes. This material is energy-efficient, lightweight, and easy to install. Cedar roofing can withstand the sun’s UV rays and hail storms with proper and regular treatment.

Drawbacks of natural cedar roofing you need to consider include low fire resistance and high susceptibility to moisture damage and mold growth.

As an alternative, the composite cedar shake roofing we offer at Brava Roof Tile has all the benefits of natural cedar roofing. However, our tiles are durable and resistant to the elements.

Clay and Concrete Tiles

clay roofing

Clay and concrete tiles are popular roofing materials due to their authentic Mediterranean appearance, energy efficiency, and durability. The tiles are also resistant to moisture, wind, and fire. These roofing options are available in various profiles, and you will have no problem finding a tile shape that fits your aesthetic requirements.

Clay tiles generally have a longer lifespan than concrete tiles, and some of the historic Spanish and Italian buildings still have their original clay roof tiles. However, concrete tiles have a significantly higher weight-bearing capacity than clay tiles.

If you are looking for a roof tile with an authentic clay tile appearance but the strength and durability of asphalt shingles, consider the barrel tiles we offer at Brava Roof Tile.

Asphalt Shingles

asphalt roofing

Asphalt shingle roofing offers a wide range of benefits, making it a viable option for your roof replacement project. Asphalt shingles are durable, affordable, easy to install, and available in a wide range of colors and textures.

You can choose from two types of asphalt shingles: architectural shingles and three-tab shingles. The former features two asphalt roofing strips that lie on top of each other, giving your roof a textured appearance with prominent shadow lines. Three-tab shingles have a more basic design and are the low-cost option of the two.

Composite Roofing

composite roofing

Natural roofing materials are popular because of their authentic appearance and unique aesthetics. However, these materials often have significant drawbacks, such as complex installation, high costs, vulnerability to the elements, or lacking structural strength.

With the composite roofing options we offer at Brava Roof Tile, you get all the aesthetic benefits of natural materials but none of the drawbacks. The composite roof products we offer include composite cedar shakes, barrel tiles, and composite slate tiles.

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A high-quality roof material installation by reputable roofing contractors is the key to a functional, long-lasting roof. At Brava Roof Tile, we provide the ideal roofing material for properties in the Northeast. To select the best roofing materials for your project, call us today at 844-290-4196.