The Best Options For Architectural Roof Tiles


By definition, architectural roof tiles are laminated, dimensional shingles made with a thicker mat base that includes two shingle strips. Architectural roof tiles are heavier duty and more substantial than the 3-tab asphalt shingles which are the most common roofing material in the U.S. They also give the roof more depth and dimension in order to create more interest in the roof and make it an integral part of the design. Architectural roof tiles rose in popularity in the 1970s and provided another avenue for exterior home design.

Traditional materials can also be considered architectural roof tiles and include cedar shake, slate, and clay tiles. Laminated shingles have grown to include other forms of roof tiles that mimic these classic materials.

While architectural asphalt shingles and traditional materials can create the look you want, there are more options that offer superior benefits and a range of pricing. Let’s take a look at the best options for architectural roof tiles that can add charm and character to your home or project:

Architectural Asphalt

Cost: $100-$150 per square (a square covers 100 sq. ft.)

Flat architectural tiles can add a design dimension above traditional asphalt shingles. While this material can mimic the look of traditional materials, it can’t replicate the feel or achieve the same level of authenticity.

Cedar Shakes

Cost: $480 per square

Authentic cedar shakes add stunning architectural detail to a structure, but they must be properly maintained throughout their life and are prone to mold and algae growth, warping and cracking, and hail and storm damage. They also burn easily, increasing insurance costs, and in some areas, building codes prohibit them altogether. Installation should be done by an industry professional.


Cost: $800-$1600

Natural slate creates a stunning and unique aesthetic, but it has its own issues. Slate is heavy and it can require additional framing and support in the structure to support its additional weight — leading to increased costs that can significantly up the price tag of the project. Slate is known to last 100 years or more, however it must be properly maintained throughout its life in order to achieve this result.


Cost: $600-$800 per square

Clay barrel tiles create a unique Mediterranean look and have been known to last for over 100 years. They require regular maintenance and it’s important to replace any broken tiles quickly. They are eco-friendly and made from natural materials, making them easy to recycle.

If you choose to install a clay tile roof, it’s likely that you’ll have to upgrade the structure of the roof and add framing so the roof can carry the additional weight of the tiles. The high cost of specialized installation and ongoing maintenance can mean a much higher price tag than other options.

Synthetic Roof Tiles

Cost: $770-$1,150

Bargain grade architectural synthetic roof tiles can cost as little as $110 per square, but to really get the most out of this material, the extra cost of builder or value grade shingles will give you peace of mind and ensure that it lasts for years to come, with zero maintenance. The upfront cost of a high quality synthetic roof is higher than asphalt or architectural asphalt, but the cost savings in long-term maintenance and roof replacement will work to offset the initial investment.

Brava Cedar Shakes, Old World Slate, and Spanish Barrel tiles made from synthetic recycled materials are a superior architectural roof tile option. They create a beautiful, traditional aesthetic, and in addition, they are a maintenance-free option that is both fire and impact resistant.

Brava architectural roofing tiles create an authentic look and feel without the weight and maintenance of natural materials.

Brava Synthetic Roof Shingles Are The Best Option For Architectural Roof Tiles

Brava architectural roof tiles are lightweight and mimic the look and feel of traditional materials without the ongoing maintenance and need for structural modifications.

Durable and beautiful, our tiles allow you to create the ideal aesthetic for your project. While the cost is higher than traditional architectural roof tiles, they will last longer, and reduce the costs associated with the maintenance and replacement of traditional materials.

Additional benefits of Brava synthetic architectural roof tile include:

  • Easy installation that can be done by any qualified contractor

  • Eco-friendly and sustainable

  • Class 4 impact rating

  • Class A fire rating

  • Fully recyclable

  • Traditional look and feel

  • 50-year transferable limited lifetime warranty

Contact the experts at Brava today to discuss the advantages that our architectural roof tiles provide.