Vinyl Cedar Shake Siding Problems And A Better Alternative

Vinyl Cedar Shake Siding

Natural cedar shake siding has been a tradition for many years because it creates a beautiful coastal look like those often found in New England and Scandinavian homes. However, the beautiful wood and natural weathered look it creates also comes with a host of problems that range from mold and mildew to the high cost of installation and low levels of fire resistance.

Vinyl Cedar Shake Siding Problems And A Better Alternative

But one alternative to traditional cedar shake siding is vinyl cedar shake siding, which mimics the look of natural cedar shakes while reducing the issues that come with it. That’s not to say, however, that vinyl cedar shake doesn’t come with its own set of issues.

Let’s take a look at some of the issues that come with vinyl siding.

Common Vinyl Siding Problems


Vinyl cedar shake siding looks nice, but it’s fragile and prone to cracks. As the weather changes and causes the siding to increase and decrease in temperature, the siding expands and contracts, resulting in cracks in the siding. It is also prone to damage from impacts, specifically from hail, rocks, or other spherical objects.

Color Fading

The color of vinyl siding runs through the entire piece of vinyl. The good news is that the color cannot chip or flake off. The bad news is that the color can fade over time. Depending on where the siding is on the home and its level of exposure to the elements, vinyl shake siding can fade at different rates, which can cause the home to look patchy.

Painting vinyl siding is an option if you want to return the home to its original condition, but painted vinyl siding has a tendency to peel and flake over time, putting you back in the same place and increasing your maintenance work.

Common Vinyl Siding Problems

Requires Regular Maintenance

Vinyl shake siding requires regular maintenance over time.

Cracks or fading are difficult issues to avoid since the causes — impacts, expansion, contraction, and exposure to the elements — are largely out of your control. Vinyl shake siding should be cleaned regularly, but the easiest way to clean siding — using a power washer — can also result in damage or moisture issues if the water penetrates through to the insulation behind the siding.

To properly maintain vinyl shake siding, you should use a soft bristled brush to gently break up and remove any dirt, mold, or mildew. The Old Farmer’s Almanac recommends rinsing all of the siding with a garden hose at least once a year to keep dirt and dust from building up.

Susceptible To Damage From Heat And Fire

Susceptible To Damage From Heat And Fire

Vinyl shake siding is safer than wood siding when it comes to fire protection.

It meets building code requirements and will slow the progression of flames in the event of a fire, but vinyl shake is prone to melting or warping near high heat. This is especially important to note when using a grill or other heat producing source, like a fire pit or tiki torches. Keeping it a safe distance away from the siding will protect it from melting, warping, or even becoming discolored from smoke exposure.

Choose A Better Alternative To Vinyl Shake Siding

Composite cedar shake siding provides a range of benefits that makes it a superior alternative to vinyl siding. Here are few of the great benefits that come with vinyl shake siding:

Choose A Better Alternative To Vinyl Shake Siding


Composite cedar shake siding is incredibly durable. It has a Class 4 resistance rating, which means it can easily hold up against hail, snow, and storm damage.

Plus, our state-of-the-art compression molding technology creates the strongest shake material available.

Natural Color And Texture That Won’t Fade

Brava uses natural minerals for color and texture along with advanced UV stabilizing elements. That way, our cedar shake siding offers superior color that never fade.

To create natural variegated and multi-toned colors the way Mother Nature intended, we engineer our product so there is no discernible pattern in the siding.

We also offer nine hues in our core collection, each with the natural, varied beauty of traditional cedar shakes.

No Maintenance

Although siding repairs have become the norm, our composite cedar shakes break the trend by being maintenance-free with a 50-year transferable warranty.

Highest Fire Resistance Rating

Composite cedar shakes shouldn't just protect your home. They should be protected too. That's why our vinyl cedar shake siding comes with a Class A fire rating — the highest level of fire resistance—to create a safer home that looks beautiful and stays strong.

Fully Sustainable

Our impact on the planet is important, which is why all of our products—including our cedar shake siding—are made out of recycled materials that keep as much material out of the landfills as possible.

Achieve a Natural, Long-Lasting Look With Brava

Brava Cedar Shake provide long-lasting durability and a natural tone and texture that works perfectly on new builds as well as renovation projects—though our photo and video gallery speak for themselves.

We truly work tirelessly to ensure our products stand the test of time.

If you would like to learn our products compare to real cedar, slate, asphalt, or clay siding—or request a free samplecontact the experts at Brava today.

We'll even give you a free quote for your project and help you contact a contractor to start upgrading your siding with a better alternative today.

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