University of Iowa Fraternity House Synthetic Re-Roof

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Reroof Composite Roof Tile

Building Profile

The building was built in 1932 and has since been used for a variety of uses. In 2016, a local builder purchased the property and began renovation of the property for its future use by a fraternity at the University of Iowa.

The property is located in a historic district and as such, the building was required to make all renovations in a manner consistent with the original design of the property.

During the design process, Brava Roof Tile built numerous mock-ups for review and approval by the city building department and ultimately Brava's composite slate was approved. For this particular project, the builder chose our Slate in the Atlantic color blend.

Builder Review

"The roof looks amazing. It is without a doubt the best-looking roof on the block. I honestly couldn't tell that it wasn't real slate once it was installed." - Mitch King, Iowa City, Iowa

Roof Installation Photos