Treated Cedar Shakes: Do Cedar Shakes Need To Be Treated?

Treated Cedar Shakes

Natural cedar shake roof tiles are a beautiful material that can help you achieve a traditional aesthetic. However, along with their beauty comes the need for sustained maintenance over the life of the roof to prevent wear and tear from exposure to the elements, UV light, and fire. Treatment of cedar shake shingles can help extend their functional life and protect the underlying roof and, ultimately, the interior of the home.

Treated Cedar Shakes: Do Cedar Shakes Need to Be Treated?

How To Prep The Cedar Shake Roof For Treatment

Preparing a cedar shake roof for treatment involves a number of steps:

  • Remove any debris, including leaves, sticks, dirt, moss, and mildew.

  • Repair any damaged, rotten, or broken cedar shake tiles.

  • Clear the gutters to allow for better drainage.

  • Clean the cedar shakes with a cleaning solution or bleach mixture.

  • Allow the cedar shakes to dry completely.

  • Brush the surface with a stiff bristled brush to remove any loose pieces of wood and aged fibers.

  • Remove any dust or fibers with a dry paintbrush.

Choose The Right Product For The Job

Choose The Right Product For The Job

In the next section, we’ll explain some of the treatments that are available for cedar shake roofs. Some products offer multiple protections, such as water resistance and UV protection. Others offer protection and add color to the shakes. Choosing the right product for the job depends on the climate and your home’s individual needs. You can also choose a product in conjunction with a roof cleaning and maintenance company if you’re working to preserve your roof.

Cedar Shake Roof Treatments


Cedar shakes can be painted and some paints contain mildewcide, algaecide, and fungicide to protect against rotting and insects. Some also come with fire-resistant properties to protect the home from fire.


Cedar shake stain not only adds color to a cedar shake roof, but it can also protect it from UV rays and help the roof shed water and moisture.

Water Protection

Moisture can cause extensive damage to a cedar shake roof if it isn’t handled properly. Applying a water-resistant treatment to a cedar shake roof can help the roof shed moisture and water that, if not removed, can cause damage to the roof, including rot, mold, and mildew, and can compromise the structural integrity of the underlying roof and structure.

UV Protection

As a preventative measure, applying UV protection to a cedar shake roof can help prevent shakes from cupping, cracking, splitting, and curling. UV rays can also cause discoloration but applying UV protection can help reduce this.

Fire Protection

Since they are wood, cedar shakes are prone to fire damage and are sometimes prohibited due to their lack of fire resistance. Treating a cedar shake roof with fire-resistant products can protect the roof and entire home, should it be exposed to fire.

What Happens If I Don’t Properly Treat My Cedar Shakes?

What Happens If I Don’t Properly Treat My Cedar Shakes?

Failing to properly treat a cedar shake roof can result in a number of consequences. Cedar shakes can cup, warp, crack, and split due to sun exposure and freeze-thaw cycles. Excess moisture can cause shakes to weaken and rot and eventually lead to water seeping down to the underlying structure that can compromise its integrity and possibly lead to leaks inside the home.

In addition to causing damage to the roof, excessively weathered or broken shingles create an eyesore that detracts from the aesthetic appeal of the home. It can also affect resale value if you are trying to sell the home and could prevent potential buyers from securing certain types of financing.

Composite Cedar Shake Tiles: A Better Alternative

Composite Cedar Shake Tiles: A Better Alternative

Composite Cedar Shakes from Brava provide superior protection compared to authentic cedar shakes and they require no maintenance. In addition, they offer the following benefits:

  • Class A or Class C fire retardant

  • Class 4 impact resistance

  • Hail warranties

  • Available in multiple colors

  • Made from 100%-recycled material

  • 50-year limited warranty

  • No additional treatment is necessary to protect the roof from water, fire, or impacts

Composite Cedar Shakes from Brava

Brava’s Cedar Shakes will create a long-lasting roof that doesn’t require periodic treatments, maintenance, or hassle. They are available in multiple colors that mimic the look of weathered shingles and give you more control over the final aesthetic of the roof.

Reimagine the Incredible Cedar Shake Aesthetic with Brava’s Synthetic Option

Reimagine the Incredible Cedar Shake Aesthetic with Brava’s Synthetic Option

Cedar shakes are a classic look for a reason. While cedar is a great material, it has many drawbacks and maintenance over time can be a nightmare. To achieve all that is great about the cedar shake aesthetic, while bolstering durability and resilience, look no further than Brava’s synthetic cedar shake options.

Contact our experts at Brava today to explore what’s possible.