The Best Cedar Shake Roofing Option in Salt Lake City, Utah

Cedar Shake Roofing Salt Lake City

Cedar shake roofing is a popular choice among homeowners today because of its rustic appeal and natural charm. It brings to mind beautiful snow-capped ski lodges as well as quaint, mountain cabins nestled in the Wasatch Range near Salt Lake City. Cedar shakes are an architectural favorite in our area - and have been for decades.

Not only beautiful, they are also durable and resistant to bug infestation. Our area gets a full four seasons of weather and a roof needs to stand up to storms and insects.

Potential Issues with Natural Cedar Shakes

Potential Issues with Natural Cedar Shakes

Areas that experience large-sized hail or long exposure to sitting ice and snow, may experience extensive damage like splitting and breaking shingles. If not repaired quickly, leaks can develop and shorten the lifespan of your roof system. Another factor that causes rapid deterioration of cedar shakes is UV rays from the Sun. Salt Lake City enjoys about 222 days a year of sunshine which is above average for the country. Sunshine is great for skiing and outdoor activities, but it will shorten your roof’s useful life. Natural cedar shake roofing requires a great deal of maintenance and specific installation expertise. These factors add to the cost of owning a beautiful shake roof. Is there another option to get the rugged style of a cedar shake without the headache and expense? We believe there is.

Synthetic Cedar Shakes

Synthetic or composite shakes have the advantage of providing the beauty of a cedar shake roof while the composition of the roof tile makes it almost impervious to the elements. Composite roof tiles are made from recycled materials that make them eco-friendly and less susceptible to weather extremes and storm damage. In addition, UV damage to synthetic cedar shakes is greatly minimized due to the reflective properties that make up the tile.

Synthetic Cedar Shakes

Composite cedar shakes are fire-resistant and carry strong wind ratings. Unlike natural cedar, these roofing tiles offer a wide variety of shapes and colors giving you multiple design options.

Why Choose Brava Cedar Shakes?

Brava represents the epitome of quality in the composition roof tile marketplace - and that’s not advertising hype. Our design process focuses on producing a product that will increase the safety of your home while adding real value to your investment. Our tiles offer:

Minimal maintenance

Natural cedar requires regular checkups to ensure the integrity of your roof. Regular maintenance is recommended every 2-4 years but you should check for debris build-up every year and after heavy storms. Our tiles are virtually maintenance-free!


Brava backs their Cedar Shake roofing tile with a 50- year limited warranty - one of the best in the industry.


Our roofing shakes are available with a Class A fire-resistance rating.

Impact rating

Brava’s tiles have the highest impact rating of any roofing product - Class 4. This means your roof will be able to withstand the impact of a 2” steel ball dropped multiple times from a height of 20 feet. This is real insurance in a hail storm.

Color and size options

Our Cedar Shake tiles are offered in 3 different widths: 5”, 7” and 12” and have almost limitless color options.

Environmentally friendly

We use 100% recycled materials in our manufacturing process and our tiles can be recycled again if ever replaced.

Environmentally friendly

You want your Salt Lake City home to stand out and our Cedar Shake composite roof tiles will add the natural elegance, security, and style that you desire for your beautiful home at a price that will fit your budget.

Contact us today for a free sample of our synthetic cedar shake roofing and see why people across the U.S. and Europe are demanding Brava cedar shake roofing products.