Synthetic Roofing That Delivers Real Value for HOAs

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Homeowner Associations are tasked with maintaining the property values of the homes within their jurisdiction, while striving to maintain harmony among their residents. Considering there are over 370,000 homeowner associations in the U.S., representing more than 40 million households, the burden on these associations to make quality decisions is substantial.

In determining the list of building materials allowed for use in their neighborhoods, the HOAs must acknowledge the importance roofing plays in establishing their rules and guidelines. The average roof covers approximately 40% of a home's exterior, which affects the curb appeal and safety of each home. Homeowners will want the maximum flexibility in choosing their roof covering, and that usually includes using asphalt shingles.

However, asphalt shingles will not provide the same aesthetic nor the same protection that synthetic roof tiles offer. This is especially true when you factor in the possible liabilities: extreme wind gusts, hurricanes, hail, snow, rain, UV damage, and fire. Asphalt may be cheaper, but it also provides less protection for a shorter period. For these reasons and more, it is critical to consider looking beyond traditional roofing materials to take a closer look at synthetics.

Synthetic Roof Tiles Are Stronger And Lighter

Some roof tiles achieve their strength by using heavy materials such as clay or concrete in their manufacture. Composite roofing tiles are constructed with impact modifiers that make them more durable and impact resistant than many other roof materials, without the added weight. These modifiers include: rubber, plastic, polymers, and fiberglass, most of which are recycled. Since they are lighter, synthetic roof tiles do not require additional structure to support the roof, saving the homeowner money and reducing construction time. This unique combination of materials also provides a roof that offers a warranty of up to 50 years.

Composite Roof Tiles Resist The Sun’s Damaging Rays

Roof damage occurs from exposure to the elements, and one of the most damaging is UV rays from the Sun. The Sun’s rays always hit the roof, even on cloudy days. Without UV protection, shingles slowly lose their ability to protect the home, as the chemical properties within the shingle degrade and eventually render it useless. UV protection can be provided by adding elements to a roof tile that reflect the rays of the sunlight.

Asphalt shingles accomplish this by using reflective granules on the shingle. The reflective granules protect the multiple layers of asphalt and felt that make up the shingle. However, as time wears on, the shingles release these granules, and the shingles must be replaced.

Synthetic roof tiles have a built-in UV protectant layer that doesn’t wear off due to exposure. They hold their original color longer and require replacement less often. This is an environmental benefit, as the roofing stays on the house, instead of in a landfill.

Synthetic Roof Tiles Provide Beauty That Adds Value

Maintaining home value is a primary concern of an HOA, as new residents will only be attracted to communities growing in value, which is established based on many items, including:

  • Curb appeal
  • Market conditions
  • Perceived maintenance costs
  • Architectural beauty

Synthetic tiles accurately mimic the most popular high-end roofing materials, like cedar shakes, Spanish barrel tiles, and slate. The molding process that creates these tiles uses actual wood, clay and slate shingles to obtain their final shape. Your home's value is raised based on the upscale appearance of the tiles, and your perceived and actual maintenance costs for the roof are reduced or eliminated.

Another disadvantage of natural roofing tiles is lack of color options - you must use the color on the shingle! Brava Roof Tiles are available in standard colors, custom solid colors, and custom multi-color options. This flexibility gives your homeowners the option of installing a natural looking roof tile that can be color matched to the rest of the home’s exterior.

Protection From The Wind, Cold And Rain

America experiences every type of weather event, and roofs need to handle the worst that nature can dish out. The most frequent threats are wind, hail, and cold and freezing temperatures. We are all familiar with news reports of hurricanes in Florida, Louisiana and Texas, and tornadoes in Oklahoma and other parts of the Midwest. The northeast has 3 months of severe cold, and the northwest stays wet half of the year. Finding a shingle that can meet all these challenges can be daunting, but synthetic roof tiles from Brava are your solution. They are heat resistant, maintain their integrity under freeze and thaw conditions, won’t absorb water, carry a Class A fire rating, a Class 4 impact rating, and are rated for wind speeds in excess of 188 MPH with ring shank nails. These tiles meet many of the most stringent building codes around the country.

Virtually Unaffected By The Heat

Every year, the west and southwest portions of the country experience wildfires. According to the National Interagency Fire Center, there were 48,366 wildfires between January 1st and October 29th in 2021. California alone experienced over 8,000 fires, which destroyed 3,629 buildings. As long as there are droughts and dry weather, wildfires will continue to be a threat to life and property. A roof can catch on fire from flying embers produced by a fire a mile away. That’s one of the reasons you observe first responders spraying water on roofs during a wildfire event. Synthetic roof tiles with a Class A Fire rating provide the maximum protection available, and can give the fire department the extra time needed to arrive and save your property.

Brava Synthetic Roof Tiles Provide Peace Of Mind For HOAs

If you are part of an HOA management team, Brava wants to ensure your residents receive the best information available on the materials used in the construction of their homes. Brava Roof Tile is the leader in producing technologically-advanced synthetic roof tiles that carry the highest levels of protection from wind, rain and cold, as well as fire, hail, mold, and mildew. We offer 3 different natural-looking synthetic tiles:

All 3 styles feature the characteristics of their natural counterparts and can be produced in an almost endless assortment of solid and mixed colors. A 50-year limited warranty protects our tiles, and they can be purchased almost anywhere around the globe. Like your residents, Brava is committed to eco-friendly processes. Our tiles are made from 100%-recycled material that can be recycled again when needed, helping keep the load on landfills minimal. Contact us today to find out how we can help your HOA make the best decision when it comes to providing a durable, beautiful and safe roof for your residents.