Roofing Materials That Can Withstand the Weather in Jackson Hole, Wyoming

Roofing Materials That Can Withstand the Weather in Jackson Hole Wyoming

Jackson Hole, Wyoming, offers incredible summer hiking, mountain views, and snowy landscapes. Winter wonderlands are great for skiing, though not ideal for your home’s roof. Many Jackson Hole residents struggle to find a long-term roofing option that won’t fail each season.

So, what’s the best answer? Below, the roofing experts from Brava Roof Tile will discuss the roofing materials that can withstand the weather in Jackson Hole and which materials you should avoid.

How Does Jackson Hole Weather Affect Your Roof?

jackson hole weather effects roof

Aside from the snow, Jackson Hole weather can affect your roof in different ways all year long. Mountainous climates in Wyoming often experience the following weather conditions:

  • Bright, hot, and dry summers: Excessive heat and dryness can cause material warping and cracks. The bright sun may wear down colors and coating.
  • Increased wildfire hazards: The dry, desert-like climate requires roofs with fire resistance.
  • Excessive snow and ice: When snow or ice sits on a roof for days or weeks, the excessive weight can damage the material.
  • Water damage: When the snow melts on your roof, this water may leak into your home and cause massive interior damage. If the water freezes, ice may cause cracking.
  • Harsh winds: Strong winds may increase roof corrosion and loose shingles.
  • Freezing temperatures: Some materials cannot withstand extreme temperatures. Your roof should be able to insulate your home for better temperature regulation.

What Are the Traditional Roofing Materials in Jackson Hole, Wyoming?

The most common roofing materials you will find in Jackson Hole include:

  • Clay tiles: Clay tiles function well under hail, wind, and fires and offer decent insulation, improving your home’s energy efficiency. A clay roof can last up to 50 years, though it does not do well under severe snow or ice, making it less ideal for Jackson Hole. Clay tiles are heavier than many other roofing materials, so certain homes may not be able to support this weight.
  • Asphalt shingles: Asphalt is one of the most common roofing materials — and for good reason. The material’s durability and affordability make it a top choice among many mountain residents. You could also opt for fiberglass asphalt, though this does not last well under high winds and extreme temperatures.
  • Metal roofing: Metal roofs are also durable and cheap, and they provide strong protection against high winds and temperatures. The main downfall with metal is how it conducts temperature. You will need extra insulation to avoid spiking your energy bill.
  • Stone-coated steel: Stone-coated steel roof shingles, tiles, and shakes are incredibly strong, durable, and attractive, though these benefits come at a much higher cost than the other options. You can expect this sort of roof to last around 50 years.
  • Cedar roofs: Cedar roofing offers a wonderfully rustic appearance, though not much durability. Jackson Hole, Wyoming, banned cedar shake roofs due to increased fire hazards.

What’s the Best Roofing Option That Will Withstand Jackson Hole Weather?

brava cedar shake roof installed jackson hole wyoming
Brava Shake: Color - Aspen

As you can see from the list above, in the past, no perfect solutions exist for roofing materials that can withstand the weather in Jackson Hole. Every common option has pros and cons that may require you to replace the roof too soon. So, what’s the solution? Brava Roof Tile.

Benefits of a Brava Roof

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Brava Roof Tile discovered this lack of optimal roofing and set out to create a solution that could withstand all adverse weather conditions without damaging the environment. All of Brava Roof Tile’s roofing products feature:

  • Strong UV resistance
  • Tested and approved to withstand wind speeds of up to 188MPH with ring shank nails and up to 211MPH with high wind/screw installation.
  • Class A and C fire ratings
  • Miami-Dade County approval
  • Class 4 impact rating (the highest rating possible)
  • 50-year protection warranty
  • Environmentally friendly materials
  • Custom color matching
  • Closed-cell materials that prevent water absorption

Brava Roof Tiles Fit Any Home Design

brava slate roof jackson hole - color arendale
Brava Slate: Color - Arendale

Brava Roof Tile offers all of the above durability features across the following composite roof styles:

We craft each of these options with durable, composite material so that you can achieve the traditional appearances without dealing with constant damage.

Brava Old World Slate and Brava Cedar Shake feature surface detail and mineral colorants that provide the most authentic appearance, perfect for homes or commercial properties like hotels, lodges, and other businesses.

Brava Roof Tile also offers the only third-party-tested and Miami-Dade County-certified composite Spanish tile on the market. Brava’s unrivaled, patented multi-color products allow you to achieve any desired look so that you can bring your property to life without risking its integrity.

Get Ready for Winter with a Durable Brava Roof

If you’re looking for a roofing material that can withstand the weather in Jackson Hole, look no further. Brava Roof Tile’s synthetic roof tiles offer incredible styles with simple installations and lightweight durability.

Our composite slates, tiles, and shingles can withstand extreme winter storms, high winds, and severe temperatures without cracking, leaking, or splitting. Get a quote or request a sample online today if you’re ready to prepare your home in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, for winter. For more information, call Brava Roof Tile at (844) 290-4196.