How to Choose the Perfect Roof Color for Your Beige House


Beige tends to have a reputation of being bland and boring, but the truth is that beige is anything but boring, especially when paired with a roof color that adds some extra excitement. Whether the house is built with brick or stone or sided with vinyl or composite, beige homes can provide a neutral canvas that can support a wide range of design styles.

From stately tudors to cozy cottages or modern mediterraneans, beige stands the test of time. Roof colors for beige houses can range from black and browns to red and grays, all of which can become a focal point.

Light Gray Slate

The natural look of synthetic slate roof tiles is a good match for natural beige stone since it adds a grounding and earthy feel to a house.

Choose A Dark Color For More Contrast

Choosing dark roof shingle colors for beige houses can create a stark contrast that creates drama and excitement in the design. The addition of dark trim and dramatic landscaping will make the house a focal point of the neighborhood.

Keep It Neutral

A beige house offers a neutral palette that can support a wide range of colors, including other naturals. While roof colors for beige house can span the color spectrum, choosing a lighter neutral color will keep the design soft and calming.

Modern Mediterranean

Mediterranean style homes are characterized by large windows, open breezeways and porches, stucco finishes, and clay barrel tiles. As traditional barrel tiles weather, they will change color, by fading in some spots and darkening in others. The problem with traditional tiles is that there’s no way to tell how they will fade, which leaves the final look to chance. Synthetic barrel tiles are available in a wide range of roof tiles for beige houses that allow you to know the final look on the first day, because they won’t fade over time.

Highlight Design Features

This Tudor style home features the signature half-timbered look, but it is made with trim rather than structural timber. The gray roof picks up the gray in the trim work, and highlights the unique design feature.

Enhance Southern Charm

Mission style homes popular in southern states are reminiscent of Spanish missions, a style that Europeans brought with them when they came to America in its early days..

Clay barrel tiles on a beige house with white trim and details like curved doorways and windows as well as a grand front entrance make these stately homes stand out.

Composite Roof Tiles For Beige Houses

While natural materials like cedar shake, slate, and clay barrel tiles have stood the test of time, they come with disadvantages like high maintenance needs, the tendency to chip, flake, or warp over time, and they are difficult to match for repairs due to their color fading over time.

Modern composite materials offer the authentic look of these traditional materials but without the downsides and maintenance requirements.

Maintenance Free

Natural materials require frequent inspection. Cedar shake should be restained and resealed periodically. Natural slate and clay can become brittle over time and chip and flake creating an unsightly roof. Brava composite roof tiles don’t require any maintenance and they provide superior protection and piece of mind. They won’t crack, flake, chip, or break.

Lower Energy Costs

Brava roof tiles reflect sunlight and UV rays instead of absorbing them. This helps the home stay cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter which can cut down on heating and cooling costs.

Large Color Selection

The color of natural materials is limited, but composite roof tiles are available in a large color selection that includes neutrals, dark colors, and even reds and greens. Our products are infused with natural minerals that give it the multi-toned hues found in traditional materials. It also guarantees that there are no repeating patterns.

Colors Won’t Fade With Age

Unlike traditional material that will fade and weather with age, Brava synthetic roofing will maintain its color without fading. This makes it easier to match roofing in the event that roof tiles need to be replaced or an addition is built. Our advanced UV protection guarantees superior long-lasting color.


Natural slate and clay roofing tiles are extremely heavy and often require additional structural support to hold their weight which can add cost and time to the project. Composite materials are lightweight and easy to install, so they don’t require structural modifications.


Our state-of-the-art compression technology means that our products have unparalleled strength and durability. Unlike natural materials that must be treated with great care and only walked on by skilled professionals, our composite tiles can be walked on without fear of breaking.

Natural, Authentic Look

Our molds are cast from traditional materials and create the signature wood grain of natural cedar, the hand-chiseled edges of natural slate, and the texture of clay barrel tiles. Once you feel and see our product, you’ll be stunned at its natural look and feel.

Choose Brava For Your Roof Tiles On A Beige House

Brava roof tiles provide superior protection, color selection, and durability. Their natural look and feel will give you the beautiful aesthetic of a natural material, but without the maintenance.

Contact the experts at Brava today to see how our roof colors can compliment a beige house.