The Timeless Elegance of Pewter Grey Roof Designs: 9 Ideas for a Sleek and Sophisticated Roof

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Pewter grey is a beautiful roof tile color that works well with a wide range of design styles and blends with other materials like brick, stone, and siding to create a polished final look.

Natural slate can often weather into its signature pewter grey color, but it can also weather differently, taking on purple or green hues depending on its chemical makeup. Other natural materials, like cedar shake or clay barrel tiles don’t naturally weather to this color, which makes it difficult to achieve the look of slate with those materials.

Luckily, composite roof tiles allow you to choose a pewter grey roof while also achieving the look of cedar shake, slate, or barrel tiles depending on the design style of the home and its roofline.

Let’s take a look at some pewter grey roof designs that stand out:

1. Pair Slate And Brick

This roof uses composite Old World Slate roof tiles in Arendale to achieve the look of natural slate, but without the downsides. Paired with brick, this look is clean and simple but it also makes a stunning statement.

2. Do The Unexpected

Slate can naturally be pewter grey, and clay barrel tiles typically weather into browns and oranges. For truly pewter grey roofing, you can’t go wrong with Brava’s Spanish Barrel Tiles in Arendale.

3. Complete A Contemporary Style

This stone home features large windows and a contemporary style, achieved with the low slung roofline and integrated gutter feature. Composite Old World Slate roof tiles effortlessly compliment this design style, and enhance the natural look and feel, but without the maintenance and difficult installation of the natural material.

4. Stun With High Contrast Materials

The stark white walls paired with pewter grey roofing gives this home a contrast that is both stunning and sophisticated as it rises from the trees. Old World Slate tiles won’t fade or become discolored over time, and will ensure that this home will always make a statement.

5. Create Subtle Contrast

Pewter grey roofing creates a subtle contrast with the rest of the design choices for this home. Simple gable roof lines are used to create a multi-tiered roof and dormers that give the home’s subtle hues room to shine.

6. Shake Up The Tudor

Tudor homes are known for their stucco walls, brick accents, wood framework, and grey roofs that were traditionally achieved with natural slate. With composite roof tiles, however, you can achieve a traditional looking tudor with a twist. This home uses Cedar Shakes from Brava in Light Arendale that captures the signature grey look, but also allows the owner to infuse their own design choices and personality.

7. Create A Cozy Cottage In The Woods

This cozy cottage brings in natural materials with the vertical wood siding and stone base. The siding and base materials will need attention and maintenance over the years, but the roof won’t. Old World Slate roof tiles are highly durable and won’t chip, flake, or crack like traditional slate. This pewter grey roof will stand the test of time for this home.

8. Create Complex Roof Lines

With gables, dormers, hips, and valleys, this roofline includes a little bit of everything, and Brava’s composite tiles handle it all with ease. The lightweight tiles are easy to install and don’t require any ongoing maintenance, so once they’re installed, you can rest easy.

9. Create Classic Combinations

Slate and stone are a classic combination for a cozy cottage feel. This design takes both materials and adds a pop of green to enhance the natural aesthetic. Choosing composite slate tiles rather than traditional slate reduces the need for maintenance, and creates a durable roof that comes with a 50-year transferable warranty.

Brava Roof Tiles Will Help You Create The Perfect Pewter Grey Roof

Pewter grey roofing adds an element of sophistication to a home. Brava allows you to choose a pewter grey roof in not only slate, but also cedar shake and clay barrel tile, which allows you to customize the design and achieve the perfect aesthetic.

Benefits of Brava composite roof tiles include:

  • Available in Class A and Class C fire rating

  • Class 4 impact rating

  • Sustainable, recyclable, and made from recycled materials

  • Durable and long-lasting

  • Lightweight and easy to install

  • Available in many colors

  • Cast from natural materials for a natural look and feel

Contact the experts at Brava today to discuss our pewter grey roofing options and request a sample to see the color and texture for yourself!