7 Home Designs Using an Orange Tile Roof

Orange Tile Roof

Orange roof tiles can be found on homes of all architectural designs covering the world over from the simple ranch style to the luxurious Mediterranean Villa. The orange roof tile gained its popularity from clay barrel tile roofing that is usually found on spanish homes of distinction. Nowadays, orange roofing can be found on homes with barrel tiles as well as homes with synthetic slate and synthetic cedar shake roofing tiles which are offered in a variety of colors — including orange.

orange barrel tile

1. Stucco Style Homes

The Tudor architectural style started in Britain in the 1400s and has remained popular to this day. The elements that define a Tudor home are high pitched roofs and extensive use of stucco, but other design styles have incorporated stucco as the exterior finish of choice including Spanish contemporary and traditional design styles. Stucco homes are primarily found in the south and southwest and are very often bedecked with orange or red clay tile roofs. The clay works well in the warmer climates and the color orange blends well with the lighter colors that predominate stucco homes.

2. Spanish Style Homes

The first home style that comes to mind when you think of an orange roof is the Spanish style home. Elegant covered arches, heavy stucco or masonry exterior elements and courtyards that extend the living area to the outdoors make the barrel roof tile the perfect compliment for these homes, and orange roof tiles contrast well with the lighter pinks and browns that are part of this architectural design.

orange tile roofing

This home style originated in the U.S. in the 1600s with the arrival of Spanish settlers that took advantage of the natural materials available in the southern part of this country — which was orange and red clays.

3. Ranch Style Homes

The typical ranch house has long been the traditional use for an asphalt shingle roof, but that doesn’t always have to be the case. Ranch homes, with their low slung design, benefit from any feature that draws the viewer’s eye upward.

orange roof house

Orange colored cedar shakes are a beautiful compliment to the long, one-story design and help add the look of height.If your exterior siding is wood, stone, vinyl or fiber cement, orange synthetic cedar shakes will add a rustic elegance to your abode by adding shadow lines and texture that will enhance your home’s curb appeal and add to its value.

4. Modern Italian Renaissance Homes

Modern Italian architecture still retains the balconies, arched features and tall narrow windows that made Italian designers famous in the 14th through the 17th century and orange roof tiles are a grand salute to this historical style.

house with orange roof

Orange barrel roof tiles or orange synthetic slate tiles add color and character to the beautiful flat stone work that often defines the exterior of these homes. In addition, barrel tiles and slate offer texture to an otherwise low roof that helps give the impression of height without actually raising the pitch of the roof. Barrel tiles and slate make up the majority of roof coverings on these homes, however, orange synthetic cedar shakes also blend well with the design.

5. Victorian Turret Homes

It’s hard to see a turret on a home and not think of an old Medieval-era castle. Today, you’ll find many architects copying the Queen Anne-era homes by placing a turret roof on the corner of a home where it’s original purpose was to house soldiers protecting the property from attackers. Today, it adds interest rather than protection, and an orange tile roof really makes that architectural feature stand out.

orange roof house

As with other home designs, orange synthetic barrel tiles, slate and cedar shake roofs all blend well and compliment modern victorian styles by adding character and curb appeal to your home.

6. Natural Stone Homes

In many parts of the country — especially mountainous regions — homes are constructed from the readily-available stone mined from the local hills or in some cases just picked up off the ground. The typical stones found are often flagstones which tend to have orange, grey and brown hues that are naturally occurring.

orange tile roofing

This provides the perfect contrast for orange roofing tiles. Since the stones are generally flat, a synthetic barrel roof tile that mimics clay tiles or a composite cedar shake tile with its rugged, rough-cut appeal, adds the needed eye-grabbing texture that makes the home inviting and draws you inside.

7. Contemporary Architectural Designs

Today’s designs and styles often incorporate many of the elements already discussed including:

  • Stone
  • Wood or vinyl siding
  • Arched entryways
  • High pitched roofs with extended overhangs
  • Colorful exterior paint combinations
orange roof home

Orange roof tiles can add an extra dimension of texture and style that can’t be achieved with conventional asphalt roofing. They can also add a bit of surprise, since you don’t expect to see an orange barrel roof tile on most modern designs and when you do, you are pleasantly surprised at how it compliments the overall design of the home and turns an ordinary home into a home of distinction.

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orange roof tile options

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