Project Showcase: New Zealand Residence

A few common questions we receive here at Brava include; how will my new roof hold up against the powerful UV rays of the sun? Will Brava material fade or change color over time? Will the suns ray’s break down my new roof causing the material to deteriorate and become brittle? In this months’ Project Showcase we will take a moment to answer these questions and look at some of the most extreme elevations Brava has installed in.

UV Rays Will Not Make Brava Roof Tile Fade

While all of these are great questions, the answer it simple; No. No, Brava will not fade or change color over time. No, high UV rays, even at the highest elevations will not affect Brava material. Lastly, no, our material will not break down or become brittle over time. Thanks to Brava’s propriety design and technology, your roof will look virtually the same in 50 years as it does the day it is installed, regardless of elevation or climate.

Does Elevation Make a Difference?

For years Brava has been installed in a variety of climates and elevations throughout several countries. A few years back, we had a new and unique opportunity present itself, an installation in New Zealand. This job created several unique and challenges including very high elevation. Our customer, John de Vere came us needing a roof which would perform in an elevation north of 6,400 vertical feet. In his previous experience, traditional roofing materials failed early and ultimately fell short of expectations due to the power UV rays experienced at such a high elevation. Certification Thanks to our High UV formal, this was an obstacle we could easily overcome. Brava is the only Miami-Dade certified composite roofing material proven to withstand extreme UV light conditions, high temperatures and substantial winds. Whether you live at sea level or 7,000 vertical feet, Brava’s imitation Shake, Slate and Spanish Barrel tile can offer you the look and protection you desire without the concern of failure.

In Conclusion

If you live in an area where any of these natural forces are common, and you need a roof that can handle extreme elements, Brava is the material for you. We service customers all over the globe, no job too big or too small. Our long lasting and visually appealing materials offer the look and protection you desire. Contact us today to learn more about this job and what Brava can do for you!