9 HOA Approval Process Tips to Get Your New Roof Approved Quickly

HOA’s are more and more common today as homeowners are looking for safe places to live that will protect their investment. Common restrictions include the number of vehicles that can be parked at your home, or whether or not you can have an RV or boat on your lot.

9 HOA Approval Process Tips to Get Your New Roof Approved Quickly

Of course, there are many more examples that could be listed, but the one issue that is a sticking point with many homeowners is getting HOA approval for colors or textures on the exterior of your home - specifically your roof. You have decided to have your roofing replaced and you have chosen a color that has been previously accepted in your neighborhood by the HOA, so there should be a quick approval process, right? Not always.

Here are 9 tips that can help you get your new roof HOA approval quickly:

1. Understand The Process

Any bureaucratic process can appear to be daunting at the outset. There are steps and procedures that must be followed and sometimes, it doesn’t make sense. However, the HOA is there to help all homeowners in the community maintain the highest real estate values by establishing rules and guidelines that will accomplish that. By preparing yourself to follow those guidelines, you increase the chances that your request will be approved quickly.

2. Review Your HOA Documents

The initial documents received when you closed on your home will contain the covenants and restrictions that you are expected to abide by. Having a thorough knowledge of the stipulations will keep you from asking for something that is not allowed. The architectural control committee will see that you have read the conditions of the covenants and be more likely to work with you on your request.

Reach Out To Your HOA Management Company

3. Reach Out To Your HOA Management Company

If this is your first time living in an HOA community, you may not be familiar with the management structure. There are actually two entities that help manage a HomeOwners Association:

  • The HOA Board
  • The HOA Management Company

The HOA Board is usually made up of volunteer members of the community that live there and the HOA Management Company is an outside vendor contracted by the Board. The main difference is in their function. The HOA Board makes decisions that affect property values and the Management Company enforces the rules. Prior to taking your case before the Board, it may be helpful to contact the Management Company and make sure your request is in line with the HOA Board directives.

4. Get A List Of Pre-Approved Colors And Options

Find out if there is a list of colors and materials or patterns that have already been approved. Check with the Management Company to find out if there have been any changes to the list before you submit your request. Choosing an option that has already met the Board’s approval will certainly grease the wheels of the process.

Side By Side Homes Can’t Be Identical

5. Side By Side Homes Can’t Be Identical

You may think you’ve done everything the Board is going to require of you, right down to picking a pre-approved color and shingle pattern. However, in the desire to keep your neighborhood bringing in the highest comps, they are not going to allow side by side homes to have the exact same roof. Be prepared to choose a different color if one of your close neighbors has already selected the one you love.

6. Submitting Your Request Without Help

You may be in a situation where there isn’t a pre-approved list to go by. In that case, your best bet is to use good old common sense. Take a drive around your neighborhood and get a feel for what appears to be the color theme. You may be able to express your personality and get a quick approval if your choice isn’t out of line and is viewed as adding value to the community.

7. Help The Committee See Your Logic

Perhaps the architectural review board is not composed of folks familiar with design and they are just used to approving anything that looks like more of the same. You will need to build a case that gives them a reason to approve the roof color, material, or pattern that you have decided upon. You can bring photos of other homes that display your desired roof. The old saying “A picture is worth a thousand words,” is true.

8. Understand That The Process Takes Time

You want a quick approval and that’s normal, but the wheels of progress often move slowly. If your HOA is made up of volunteers, your request is likely being handled when the committee can meet outside of regular work hours. You need to be patient and work within their comfort zone. Trying to rush them may not work in your favor.

9. Don’t Make The Committee Become The Bad Guy

The worst thing you could do would be to forgo the entire process and install the roof you want without the HOA approval. It is possible that you might be able to keep it, but you may become the source of much grief for your community, and yourself. The Board is there to protect the property values of your entire neighborhood. Be a team player and you will find that your current and future requests are met with a willingness to help you get what you want.

Brava Synthetic Roof Tiles Are HOA Friendly

Brava Synthetic Roof Tiles Are HOA Friendly

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