How Long Do Tile Roofs Last in Arizona?

How Long Do Tile Roofs Last in Arizona

Whether you’re a homeowner about to invest in a new roof or a contractor looking for the best roofing materials to withstand the sweltering Arizona weather, you probably want to know the answer to this question:

How long do tile roofs last in Arizona?

In this blog post, we’ll tell you about why clay and concrete tiles are so popular in Arizona, their life expediencies, and why composite roof tiles might be the better solution for homeowners in the Grand Canyon State. This information could save you thousands in installation, maintenance, and repair costs, so read on to learn more!

Why Do Arizona Homeowners Choose Tile Roofs?

home in arizona with clay tile roof

Orange, red, and beige roof tiles adorn nearly every Arizona residence. If you’re wondering why homeowners in this arid state always choose concrete and clay tiles, here are a few of the biggest reasons:

Heat Resistance

Traditional clay and cement roof tiles are extremely resistant to the hot Arizona sun, holding up significantly better than materials like asphalt shingles. Their ability to withstand intense heat is why most homes in the southwestern U.S. have tile roofs instead of the typical shingles.

Energy Efficiency

Arizona residents also favor tile roofs because they help keep their energy bills low. When your home has to fight triple-digit temperatures to cool down, anything that deflects the heat instead of absorbing it is a plus — and that’s exactly what clay and concrete tiles do.

The individually installed tiles allow air circulation without letting water in, creating built-in ventilation for your roof.

Fire Resistance

Arizona’s hot, dry climate makes house fires especially dangerous, but clay and concrete tile roofs are fire resistant, which helps prevent the flames from spreading.

How Long Does Tile Roofing Last in Arizona?

old roof arizona home

Clay and concrete roofs can last 50 years or longer with proper installation and regular maintenance. However, keeping your traditional tile roof in excellent condition for that long requires work, including replacing the underlayment every 10 to 20 years.

Since clay and concrete tiles are brittle, you can easily break them through mishandling during transportation and installation. Walking on a tile roof is risky since you’ll likely break some tiles if you aren’t careful.

During the five or so decades you have your tile roof, you can expect to pay for many repairs and other types of maintenance to ensure your roof stays in perfect shape to protect your home.

Why Is Brava Composite Roof Tile Better for Arizona Homes?

brava roof tile is best for arizona homes

If you’re in love with the barrel tile look of traditional clay roofs or just want to ensure your home fits in with the rest of the neighborhood, Brava’s composite Spanish barrel tile is the perfect alternative.

Here’s why those who choose our roof tiles never look back:

Easier Installation

While traditional tile roofs require installation from knowledgeable (and expensive) roofers, Brava composite tiles are simple to install and help you save on labor when replacing or installing a new roof.

Less Maintenance

Unlike traditional tile roofs, Brava composite roofing materials can last decades with little to no maintenance. While clay or concrete tiles will have you repairing broken tiles and replacing the underlayment relatively often, the Brava Spanish tile will look brand new for years.

Higher Durability

The durability of Brava composite roof tiles is unmatched, with features including:

Composite tiles can withstand severe weather conditions and come with a 50-year limited warranty.

Lighter Weight

Clay and concrete tiles are extremely heavy and must have extra structural support to prevent damage to your home, making them costly and labor-intensive roofing materials. Brava Spanish tiles are lightweight, putting no extra stress on your house and requiring much less installation work.

More Eco-friendly

Brava Spanish Barrel tiles are completely sustainable, consisting of recycled plastics that can be reused after the roof’s lifespan is over. Using recycled roofing materials helps keep plastics from polluting the land, air, and water surrounding our homes.

Custom Look

The look of clay and concrete tiles can be inconsistent and might change because of exposure to the elements. With Brava composite tiles, you can have barrel tiles in nearly any color or design, from standard terra cotta to deep onyx.

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So, how long do tile roofs last in Arizona? If you go with traditional clay or concrete tiles, you might get 50 years with your roof, including the costs of the special installation requirements, maintenance, and repairs.

However, if you decide on the Brava Spanish barrel roof tile, you can enjoy more than 50 years with a maintenance-free, custom roof in your favorite design.

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