How the Educated Customer Selects a New Roof

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Composite Cedar Shake
At times, in the industry, you hear the term ‘educated customer’ kicked around in regards to homeowners who know a thing or two about roofing. Some contractors go as far as avoiding these customers in favor of opportunities where they are the only subject matter experts. You tend to find these customers in hail belts and in areas with stringent natural climates, like the Colorado Rocky Mountains, that require a higher quality of roofing material. These educated homeowners always hold contractors and manufacturers to a higher standard in all facets of a roofing project from performance through aesthetics, and rightfully so. At Brava we look forward to working these customers because as they dive deeper into the industry it reaffirms why our composite roofing material is a smart investment as opposed to asphalt, metal, cedar and other natural roofing alternatives.
"My reroof job was small by many standards (only 25 square) but it consisted of many complex pitches, slopes and even castle turrets. Plus it is located in an extremely hostile environment. Only Brava was able to meet the requirements of our county plus the aesthetic look we wanted." – Bill B.
Bill and Patti B. were on a different level of ‘educated customer’ and should be very proud to earn this moniker. As a career engineer, Bill needed to find a roofing material for his dream cabin up in the forest of Blackhawk Colorado that would catch Patti’s keen eye for style. Blackhawk is exposed to some serious elements, to say the least. The town is perched atop 8,500 ft. of elevation, encounters 110+ MPH winds and is located in the San Juan National Forest which constantly holds the risk of forest fires. Accordingly, the Bill and Patti set out to find a Class A fire rated roofing material that could withstand high elevation UV and be installed to mitigate high winds. As an armature pyro…technician, Bill even took his personal blow torch to several roofing options to see which would perform the best!
" After spending more than a year researching and testing various products under different conditions and perhaps most importantly getting to know the people at the synthetic shake shingle manufacturers, I chose Brava. They produce an exceptional product and stand behind it."
We are proud to report that Bill and Patti landed on Brava Shakes (class A) as the best option for their project! This rustic hideaway was their lifelong dream for retirement. Nothing is more satisfying as a roofing manufacturer then to work with Educated Customers, like Bill and Patti, and build perfect roofing solutions to cover uniquely beautiful homes.