Unique Clay Tile Roof Types: 13 Colors for Inspiration

Clay Tile Roof Colors

Clay tile roofs have a long history, dating as far back as 10,000 B.C. where they have been found in China and, shortly after, in the Middle East. Clay tiles made their way to America and early English settlements as well as in Spanish and French settlements. By 1650, Dutch settlers on the east coast had begun manufacturing clay tiles in the upper Hudson River Valley.

Despite their popularity in many places, clay tiles are typically associated with Spanish style homes and missions in the south and southwest. Early iterations of clay tiles were flat or rectangular, but in the 18th century clay tiles were formed over a log in order to create their now familiar “barrel” shape.

Though traditional clay tiles are fire resistant and durable, sometimes lasting 100 years or more, they require regular maintenance, are prone to breakage over the years, are heavy, and require specialized skills to replace the tiles or entire roof. Synthetic tiles, on the other hand, require no maintenance, are resistant to fire and impact, and are lightweight. Compare our synthetic Spanish barrel roof tiles to the traditional version and see the difference.

Terra cotta colored tiles are most frequently associated with clay tile roof colors. Traditional clay tile roof colors were dependent on the location that the clay was taken from, and the natural aging process — so there was no guarantee of the color — modern synthetic clay roofing tiles come in a wide range of colors that you can choose from to complete the look of your home.

13 Unique Clay Tile Roof Types and Colors

No matter the style of home, Brava offers a Spanish Barrel Tile color that will perfectly complement the home’s aesthetic. We are mightily proud of our color story, so let's explore the options!

1. Aged Mission

Barrel tiles were commonly seen on Spanish missions that featured adobe walls, exposed wood beams, and red clay roof tiles. As the clay aged, it created a beautifully mottled look and took on different hues. Inspired by Mission Revival Style architecture of the 19th century, our Aged Mission Spanish roof tile color is a careful blend of deep shades of brown and black to mimic the natural aging process.

2. Antigua

For a lighter look, Antigua blends brown into French Clay to create a lighter shade combined with a deeper brown to add depth and dimension to this clay tile roof color.

3. Arendale

Dark and dramatic, Arendale steps away from the traditional terra cotta look to blend dark charcoal and gray hues inspired by the coastal city Arendal.

4. Autumn

Experience the warmth and beauty of fall all year round with the Autumn Spanish roof tile color. Inspired by crisp autumn leaves in many shades of brown, yellow, and gold, this color captures the beauty of one of the most beloved times of year.

5. Black Brown Blend

Black Brown Spanish Barrel Tile diverges from tradition by removing the typical terra cotta clay tile color, providing for a totally unique color palette that benefits from the beauty of the clay barrel tile look.

6. French Clay

Inspired by the pottery of ancient Rome and beyond, this brighter side of Spanish Barrel Tiles is perfect for a lighter aesthetic.

7. Green

Do the unexpected with Green Spanish Barrel Tiles. This clay tile roof color is perfect for enhancing any type of brick.

8. Mediterranean

Spanish Barrel Tiles are a perfect choice for a Mediterranean style home, and this blend of gray marbled into classic terra cotta tiles perfectly blends the colors of land and sea.

9. New Aged Terra Cotta

A take on classic terra cotta, New Aged Terra Cotta blends sky red throughout a black backdrop, to create the dramatic feel of a dark desert sunset.

10. Onyx

It doesn’t get much more dramatic than Onyx Spanish Barrel Tiles. This deep, luxurious shade of black, inspired by the stone it’s named for, creates a dark and brooding feel perfect for dramatic architecture that seeks to make a statement.

11. Terra Cotta Brown

Traditional terra cotta tile colors are dependent on the type of clay that was used to create them. Terra Cotta Brown mimics the deep, rich brown that could be found in tiles made from brown clay.

12. Terra Cotta

It doesn’t get much more classic than Terra Cotta. This stunning shade pays homage to a material that has been around for centuries, showing that sometimes, things are perfect just the way they are.

13. Tuscan Clay

The natural beauty of Tuscany paired with its reputation for art and architecture inspired Tuscan Clay, a Spanish Barrel Tile that draws from Tuscany’s palette of browns and terracotta.

Make Your Design Stand Out With Unique Clay Tile Colors

Brava’s wide selection of stunning clay tile colors will allow you to make your design stand out. Whether you’re building on the classic look of Spanish missions or taking it to the next level with a dramatic color palette, our one-of-a-kind color selection will take your design to the next level. Try each Spanish barrel roof tile color on your home with our visualizer!

And beauty isn’t the only thing you need from your roof – it needs to keep your home dry for years to come, and we build our roof tiles with that specific purpose in mind. We proudly offer a 50-year limited lifetime warranty on all of our roof tile products. You can be confident that you have made a wise decision when you choose beautiful Brava roof tiles. We're happy to offer quotes, help you to find a contractor, and will even send a free sample for you to inspect. Order a complimentary lookbook or upload your home's image to our visualizer and see how it would look with our tiles!

Contact us today to see how we can update and upgrade your roof with modern and sustainable roof tiles, carrying the aesthetic of tradition.

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