How to Choose the Perfect Roof Tile Color to Match Your Home

Choosing a color scheme for your roof tiles is not always easy. We know this gives homeowners a great deal of grief since it is a permanent fixation for their home for up to 50 years. With these 3 tips, we hope you feel confident in your endeavor!

log cabin roof color

1) Determine What Type of Roof Tile Best Suits Your Home

  • If you have a stucco siding, Spanish Tiles are a popular choice and gives your home an elegant look.
  • Have vinyl siding or brick? Brava’s Old World Slate is a popular choice due to its similarity in appearance to an asphalt roof but with a seamless and rich appearance.
  • Do you have a cottage or wooden cabin? An option are Brava’s Shake Tiles that give the home a rustic feel without the upkeep of typical materials.

2.) Complementary Color Choices

While some like to coordinate the color of roof tiles with the color of their home, we like to emphasize choosing colors that will accentuate the exterior and landscaping.

  • Blue or Grey House: Dark Grey or Black Roof Tiles
  • Cream or Tan House: Brown, Cream, or a Mix of Roof Tiles
  • White House: Dark Gray or Black Roof Tiles for a traditional look
  • Green, Red, or Yellow Homes: Flexible! Typically, you can go with Brown, Gray, or Black Roof Tiles

3.) Decide Which Style Suits Your Wants and Needs

  • Remember, dark colors make the home look smaller, while lighter colors do the reverse
  • Think about what statement you want to make: neutral colors will stay in style for many years, while trendier color combinations will help make your house stand out.
  • Be sure to think about how your roof change will look amongst the neighborhood. You may not want to blend in with your neighbor’s color, but you won’t want to clash either.

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