Where to Buy Cedar Shingles: A Comprehensive Guide Beyond Home Depot


When it’s time to tackle a cedar shingle roofing project, Home Depot is a common place to start looking for supplies and materials. They offer a range of cedar shingles in various sizes and finishes, however there is a better alternative.

Features Of Home Depot Cedar Shingles

Cedar shakes from Home Depot offer features that are distinct to cedar. They contain natural oils that help the material resist decay. Some of the shingle options are sawn on both slides to create a smooth look and clean finish, while others offer a split face for a more natural appearance.

Because cedar weathers naturally, Home Depot claims that there’s no need to stain or paint the shingles to preserve them or extend their life.

Some products are available with an even butt design or staggered butt design so you can achieve your desired level of dimensionality. Their website states that cedar shakes are ideal for replacing and repairing parts of your roof regardless of the original material.

Home Depot Cedar Shingles Drawbacks

Home Depot may be your first stop when you begin looking for cedar shingles, but there are a number of drawbacks to the products they offer…


Home Depot offers a range of cedar shake shingles, but many of them are not available for delivery, so you should make sure your local store has the product that you want in stock.

Difficult To Compare Products

Home Depot cedar shingles come in a variety of sizes, but it’s difficult to search for the products on their website and to compare them to one another. Some list their width in the description while others don’t list a width at all.

Require Maintenance

Their product descriptions state that cedar shakes don’t need to be stained or painted and they will weather naturally, which is true to an extent. Cedar shakes are also naturally rot and insect resistant. Cedar shakes still benefit from being stained and sealed to extend their life as well as enhance their fire resistance when treated with fire resistant products.

Over time, cedar shakes can warp, cup, split, and crack, which leads to the need for continued maintenance and shingle replacement over the course of their life.

No Warranty

Many of their cedar shingles don’t offer a warranty, so if something happens to them, you’ll be responsible for the cost associated with replacing them. Some products offer a return window.

Natural Cedar Shake Vs. Composite Cedar Shake

Natural cedar shake shingles are crafted from split cedar logs and offer a beautiful natural look, but they require substantial maintenance to keep them looking great. Cedar shake’s initial popularity resulted from the availability of natural materials along with their natural insect and rot resistance.

As new materials have been developed, natural cedar shakes have taken a back seat to other materials that provide superior performance and beauty. Composite cedar shakes provide superior durability and can truly mimic the look of the natural material, but without the necessary maintenance and replacement that can add to the lifetime cost of the roof.

Brava Roof Tile has Cedar Shakes that come with numerous benefits that make it a good alternative to natural cedar shakes.

Benefits Of Brava Composite Cedar Shakes

Natural And Authentic Look

Brava Cedar Shake roof tiles rival the beauty of natural cedar shakes because they are cast from molds made from hand-split cedar to ensure that the cedar shakes have a natural variation and no-repeat pattern.

Our cedar shake tiles feature natural color variations that result from our use of natural minerals. We also include the most advanced UV-stabilizing elements for superior color and strength.

Range Of Stunning Color Options

The natural look of authentic cedar creates a stunning statement, so we offer natural color options like Aspen, Sierra, and New Cedar. You can also take your design a step further with Weathered that takes on the look of cedar shakes that have been on the home for years, Canyon Gray that captures all of the variation and nuance possible in cedar shakes, and Onyx that lends a dramatic flair to the home.


Our state-of-the-art compression molding technology ensures that we have the strongest shake available. They have a Class 4 impact rating so you can rest assured they will stand up to impacts from hail and other debris. They are also available with a Class A fire rating for extra peace of mind. And our 50-year limited transferable warranty guarantees that our product is manufactured free from defects that materially affect performance when used properly.


One of the major draws of natural cedar shakes is their use of natural, renewable materials. Our cedar shakes are made of recycled materials and are fully sustainable. They can be recycled at the end of their life, but because of their superior durability, they will last longer and require less maintenance than authentic cedar shake.

Choose Brava As A Superior Alternative To Home Depot Cedar Shakes

When it’s time to choose a roofing material, consider Brava as an alternative to Home Depot cedar shakes. You can even request a sample to see and feel the difference for yourself.

Contact the experts at Brava today to begin planning your roof project and explore our superior options!