13 Cedar Shake House Design Ideas

Cedar Shake House Design Ideas

Cedar shake homes can be found in nearly any shape, size, and style. Traditionally seen on New England homes, cedar shakes can now be found nearly everywhere, as their natural beauty is apparent and they enhance the look of a variety of home styles.

Unfortunately, traditional cedar shakes come with a variety of downsides:

  • Expensive: Cedar shakes are an expensive building material, and while the initial cost of synthetic cedar shakes is more expensive than natural cedar shakes, the maintenance costs of natural cedar add up over time. This ultimately makes a natural roof more expensive than a synthetic one.

  • Maintenance: Not only is maintenance of a natural cedar shake roof costly, it is also time consuming. Natural cedar shakes should be treated and/or cleaned every 5-7 years. Even with regular maintenance, a natural shake roof will only last 20-25 years.

  • Appearance: Natural natural cedar shakes initially create a beautiful aesthetic, however they will crack, fade, curl, and grow mold over time.

Brava Cedar Shake Roofing provides a variety of benefits that natural cedar shakes cannot:

  • Over the life of the roof, Brava Shake will end up being less than half the cost of a natural shake roof.

  • Brava Shake roofs require no maintenance and last over 50 years.

  • They don’t crack, fade, or curl, so Brava Shake will look beautiful for the life of the roof.

1. Cedar Shake On A Dutch Colonial Roof

Cedar Shake On A Dutch Colonial Roof

The gambrel style roof that became popular on Dutch Colonial houses resembles that of a barn roof. With cedar shake shingles, it harkens back to New England colonial days and preserves a bit of history.

13 Cedar Shake House Design Ideas You Should See

2. Install With Ease

Install With Ease
Cedar Shake House

Since they are easy to install, synthetic cedar shakes are a great choice for homes with complicated roof lines or those that include dormers.

3. Pair Cedar Shakes With Brick For A Stately Look

Pair Cedar Shakes With Brick For A Stately Look

Synthetic cedar shakes blend with nearly any building material, and look stunning on this stately brick home.

Synthetic cedar shakes

4. Show Off The Tone And Texture

Show Off The Tone And Texture
Cedar shake’s tone and texture.

They are especially appealing on a roof style where part of the roof is nearly vertical, to show off the cedar shake’s tone and texture.

5. Take On Any Shape With Synthetic Cedar Shakes

Take On Any Shape With Synthetic Cedar Shakes

This roof line keeps us guessing with its unique angles, curves, and hips and valleys, and the synthetic cedar shakes can handle each twist and turn with ease.

Synthetic cedar shakes roof line

6. Natural Variegated Color

Natural Variegated Color

This is a perfect example of the variegated colors of Brava cedar shake roof tiles. Rather than looking manufactured with a predictable pattern, our cedar shakes have no discernible pattern and reflect natural variations that are found in traditional cedar shakes.

7. Create Contrast

Create Contrast

Dark Brava shake tiles look beautiful on this bright blue cedar shake house. The contrast in colors makes this house a stunning standout.

8. Take On A Large Roof Span

Take On A Large Roof Span

The affordability of synthetic cedar shakes makes them an option on large homes where traditional cedar shakes may be cost prohibitive. Not to mention that they are easier to install than wood shakes and don’t require specialized installation. This allows you to create a modern cedar shake house at less expense.

9. Stunning With Stucco

Stunning With Stucco

Mediterranean architecture meets New England charm in this cedar shake home with stucco walls. The variation in the cedar shake tiles is a perfect complement to the wood columns, white stucco, and red framed windows.

10. Mixed Materials Create An Distinctive Design

Mixed Materials Create An Distinctive Design

This home showcases a variety of building materials to create a distinctive design. The light stucco brings out the color of the lighter brick and the darker cedar shakes highlight the darker bricks in a design that is both balanced and unexpected.

11. An Upgrade After Storm Damage

An Upgrade After Storm Damage

When this home in Alabama sustained severe storm damage to its cedar shake roof, Brava Shake was introduced as an alternative to the traditional shake that was previously on the roof. The homeowners agreed and, according to Mark Craney, the owner of Authentic Restoration that completed the project, “the homeowners were ecstatic with their new Brava Shake Tile.” They were able to maintain the original beauty of the home, but can rest easy knowing that the durable synthetic cedar shake tiles will protect their home for years to come with little to no maintenance over the years.

12. Cedar Shake — Not Just For Roofs

Cedar Shake — Not Just For Roofs

While cedar shakes shingles are frequently used as a roofing material, they also have a place as a siding material. Natural wood shakes, however, are expensive to purchase and install and require frequent maintenance — painting, staining, and sealing — over the years. Brava Shake, on the other hand, provides the beauty and authentic look of traditional cedar shakes but with none of the maintenance.

13. Nestle In Within Brava Shake

Nestle In Within Brava Shake

Brava Cedar Shake Roofing looks amazing on this cozy home that makes you want to nestle in and stay awhile.

Design A Beautiful Cedar Shake House With Brava

With no maintenance necessary and natural variegated colors, Brava Cedar Shake Roofing will turn any house into a cedar shake house whether you use them as roof tiles or siding. Our 50-year limited warranty guarantees that you’ll enjoy the benefits of synthetic cedar shake shingles for years to come.

Contact the experts at Brava today to discuss cedar shake options for your cedar shake home.