What Is Cedar Impressions® Vinyl Siding?


CertainTeed is a manufacturer of building products that was founded in 1904 as a General Roofing Manufacturing Company. Today, they specialize in a range of building materials that include roofing, siding, fencing, siding, and more.

The company is committed to creating projects that fit with their definition of and commitment to sustainable products that will serve current needs while also innovating for the future.

They offer their Cedar Impressions® Vinyl Siding as an alternative to natural cedar shakes and shingles. This product line is more durable than natural cedar shakes, includes thoughtful engineering features, is available in a range of colors, profiles, and sizes, and is a low-maintenance alternative to the natural material.

Thoughtful Engineering

Cedar Impressions® Vinyl Siding comes in panels that feature:

  • A full panel Molded Perimeter Lock™ for a more secure and long-lasting installation

  • Deep panel projection that creates dimension and enhances shadow lines for a more natural look

  • Additional durability resulting from reinforced nail slots

  • The CertiLockTM Continuous Hanger

  • The PanelThermometerTM which indicates the ideal temperature and ensures precise installation

  • Ribs on the back of the panels and shingles that protect against warping, cupping, and distortion

  • HammerTapperTM Assist Pads

  • A SureStopTM recessed nailing area

  • Nail indicators to ensure proper nail placement

  • Engineered drainage holes to allow for property water drainage

A Wide Range Of Polymer Cedar Shingle Options

Finishes include Perfection with clean edges and smooth lines, Rough-Split, a rustic style that mimics the look of cedar shakes split by hand, and Sawmill that features the effect that saw blades have on natural cedar.

CertainTeed offers Cedar Impressions® in 48 distinct color options ranging from the Natural Blend of freshly cut white cedar and the Cedar Blend of freshly cut red cedar to the Driftwood Blend and Rustic Blend that capture the look of aged white cedar and aged red cedar, respectively. Beyond colors that capture the natural look of new and aged cedar, CertainTeed Cedar Impressions® siding also offers colors that capture the look of stained cedar ranging from Forest and Spruce green, to Wedgewood Blue to Autumn Red.

Edge styles for Perfection Shingles are available in Straight Edge, Staggered, Scallop, Octagon, and Half-Cove which allows you to create the ideal cedar shake profile that compliments the home’s aesthetic.

Cedar Impressions® are also available in panels or individual shingles to give you installation flexibility and the ability to create the look you want on the home.

Very Little Maintenance

CertainTeed says that their siding creates maximum character while requiring minimum care. Maintenance requirements are limited to washing the siding with soap and water periodically. Natural cedar shakes, on the other hand, require substantial maintenance over the course of their life to prevent cupping, fading, splitting, and cracking and shakes and shingles must be replaced when these things inevitably happen.

Consistent Color Throughout And Over Time

CertainTeed’s Ageless CedarTM Color Blends offer fade protection and beautiful color options because their proprietary, patent-pending manufacturing process creates blended color throughout the shingles. Available in 16 color options, the Color Blends allow you to capture the look of natural cedar at different life stages. The solid colors create the look of painted cedar shakes.

TrueTexureTM For An Authentic Look

TrueTextureTM uses a direct transfer system to transfer the look of real cedar shingles to the Cedar Impressions® line of shingles. This results in a natural wood grain texture that can be seen and felt.

Brava Roof Tile Cedar Shake Is A Great Alternative To Cedar Impressions® Vinyl Siding

Vinyl is longer-lasting and requires less maintenance than natural cedar shakes, but Brava offers another alternative in the form of composite Cedar Shakes. This beautifully authentic, high-performance roofing tile recreates the look and timeless beauty of authentic cedar shakes in a durable and sustainable composite material.

Captures The Authentic Look Of Natural Cedar

Formed in molds cast from hand-split Western Red Cedar, Brava Cedar Shakes look organic and natural and don’t have repetitive patterns. We use natural minerals for color and texture and the most advanced UV-stabilizing elements give our Cedar Shakes superior color and strength.

When we created our colors, we took our cues from nature and created Cedar Shakes that mimic natural variegation and multi-toned colors throughout.

Fully Sustainable And Highly Durable

All of our products are made from recycled material and our Cedar Shakes are fully recyclable. They are crafted with a blend of high-grade, high-spec, pre-consumer recycled plastic, natural, minerals, and binders. This helps to keep materials out of landfills before, during, and after production and use.

Choose Brava As An Alternative To Cedar Impressions® By CertainTeed

When you’re ready to discuss your siding needs, consider Brava Cedar Shakes as an alternative to Cedar Impressions® siding. Our durability, commitment to sustainability, and authentic look and feel will help you create the perfect aesthetic that will last for years to come.

Contact the experts at Brava today to see how our products can help you achieve your goals!