Blue House With Cedar Shakes

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Available in countless shades, blue is an incredibly popular color for home exteriors. Blue is the color of the sky and the sea and is often correlated with wide open spaces and endless possibilities. Due to its undeniable connection to nature, many feel a visceral connection to the color whether it’s the bright shade of a cloudless, sunny day, or the deep dark blue of a roiling sea.

Light, bright blues create a calm sense of peace while dark, moody blues create a sense of introspection and thoughtfulness. Blue is typically considered the most universally appealing color. Red is associated with strong conflicting emotions — love and anger — while blue is accepted as a calm and relaxing color often associated with trust, responsibility, and loyalty.

What Are Cedar Shakes?

Traditionally, cedar shakes were cut from actual cedar logs and produced with one smooth side, leaving the exposed side rough and natural. This process used renewable natural materials and created a beautiful aesthetic, but it wasn’t without its drawbacks.

Even though cedar is naturally rot and insect resistant, it isn’t impervious to the elements and could still grow mold and mildew or rot, and leave the roof and home vulnerable to fire. Plus, natural cedar shake roofs need to be replaced after 20 years to ensure that the home is protected.

Synthetic cedar shake shingles are the best alternative to cedar shingles. They won’t rot over time, and because they are formed in molds that are cast from hand-split Western Red Cedar, they offer the most authentic feel possible. Our Mother Nature inspired hues and variegated, multitoned colors mean that they visually match the natural beauty like no other engineered product. We produce shingles that are fully recyclable, and we use recycled material in all of our products.

With a 50-year limited warranty, you’re guaranteed to have a beautiful roof protecting your home for years longer than traditional cedar shakes. Our shingles are also Class A fire rated and offer the highest resistance rating against even the most severe storms and hail.

Combine Classic Coastal Colors

Combine Classic Coastal Colors

Cool blue and warm brown call to mind the sand and sea and cedar shakes add the feel of weathered driftwood in this stunning example of a blue house with cedar shakes. Masonry details on the front step columns capture even more of the natural feel and create an experience reminiscent of a long walk on the beach searching for smooth, water-worn rocks.

Give Icy Vibes With Light Arendale Shakes

Light Arendale Shakes are the ideal companion for the icy blue siding on this gorgeous house. We can create any custom color or color combination in our cedar shakes, so you can find the perfect shade to complete the perfect vibe — whether you’re going for a blue house with cedar shakes that are dark and brooding, dramatic and stunning, or natural and nostalgic.

Create Unparalleled Depth And Dimension

Cedar shake shingles offer unparalleled depth and dimension, giving each roof a unique feel. Our shingles can even handle the most complicated roof design, turning corners and protecting roof valleys with ease. A home’s roof must be able to stand up to daily wear and tear, absorbing sunlight, wind, rain, snow, and hail. Synthetic cedar shake shingles resist curling and fading and they don’t absorb water which can create problems with mold and mildew.

Achieve An Authentic Look And Feel

A close up look at the Aged Cedar Shake shingles reveals how the multitoned colors achieve an authentic look and feel that creates the warmth of natural cedar shake but without the risk of rot and wear and tear.

Work With Brava To Create A Cedar Shake Roof That Will Stand The Test Of Time

A blue house with cedar shakes creates a stunning design statement and beautiful curb appeal. At Brava, we have a wide selection of natural colors in our cedar shake roofing that will complement any blue house and can handle even the most complex roof designs. Our closed cell design provides unparalleled protection against even the hottest Sun and heaviest snow.

Contact us at Brava today to start designing the perfect roof for your blue house.