5 Best Roofing Materials For A Curved Roof

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Roofs come in many different shapes and sizes. One of the most unique roof styles is a curved roof, but curved roofing presents unique challenges that a traditional roof doesn’t.

Let’s take a look at the best roofing materials for a curved roof.

What Is A Curved Roof?

A curved roof is a roofline that curves in either a convex or concave shape. For early structures, this style of roof was popular because it was easy to bend branches into a curved shape for thatched roofs.Other early examples of curved roofs also include those installed on barns as a way to maximize interior space and increase the size of the hayloft in order to store more hay.

Curved roofs add an interesting aesthetic along with creating more interior space. The entire roof can be curved, or smaller areas, like the roof over an eyebrow window or a turret roof can be curved.

How To Install A Curved Roof

Installing a curved roof is different from a traditional roof in that it can require less framing, but the framing boards must be curved rather than straight which can require additional work.

How To Maintain A Curved Roof

Curved roof maintenance is much the same as maintenance for other roof styles. It includes:

  • Checking the roof tiles for damage, including cracks, warped or split tiles, holes, and missing tiles

  • Removing debris from the surface of the roof

  • Cleaning any algae, mold, or mildew growth from the surface

  • Inspecting the interior of the building to look for water spots, bulging, or cracked drywall

How Much Does A Curved Roof Cost?

The cost of a curved roof is highly dependent on the specific design, the amount of the roof that is curved, and the materials used, but curved roofs are typically more expensive to install than a standard roof.

Best Roofing Materials For Curved Roofs

Even on a curved roof, there are a number of roof tile options, each with their own advantages and disadvantages. Roof tiles or shingles typically work best because they can be installed individually and positioned so they follow the curve of the roof.

1. Cedar Shake

Cedar shake shingles can be used as a roofing material for a curved roof. They can be installed on a curved roof with each shingle individually installed and able to be positioned just right to handle the curve of the roof. The issues that come with cedar shake — warping, cracking, splitting, and mold and mildew growth — require maintenance over the life of a roof, and the added complication of a curved roof makes them more difficult to access for maintenance and repairs.

2. Asphalt Shingles

Asphalt shingles are flexible, which makes them a good fit for a curved roof. This is one of the least expensive roof tile options and may balance out the added cost of installing or reroofing a curved roof. They only have a lifespan of about 20 years, and while they can typically be installed by an experienced DIY-er, the fact that they are installed on a curved roof means you may need to bring in a professional roofer for installation and upkeep.

3. Barrel Tiles

The rounded shape of curved barrel tiles are a natural fit for a curved roof as they are able to follow the roof line as well as enhance the rounded aesthetic because they are also rounded. Barrel tiles are a beautiful and traditional aesthetic, but they are extremely heavy, and require additional structural support which adds even more cost to an already expensive project.

4. Concrete Tiles

Molded concrete roof tiles can also be used for curved roofs. Much like barrel tiles, curved concrete roof tiles can be used as a curved roofing material. Concrete, like barrel tile, is heavy and requires additional structural support to hold its weight.

5. Composite Roof Tiles

Composite roof tiles are the best roofing material for curved roofs. Brava’s composite tiles mimic the look of clay barrel tiles, cedar shake, and natural slate, but without any of the downsides. They don’t require any maintenance over the course of their life, which eliminates costly curved roof repairs.

Our trio of roof tile options — Spanish Barrel Tile, Cedar Shake, and Old World Slate — are made with recycled and recyclable materials, including rubber and plastic. Our patented multi-coloring process creates natural variegated color that rivals the beauty of traditional materials.

For installation on curved roofs, we offer an accessory item for pitch changes and even barrel gables and eaves. You can speak with a Brava representative about flexishake and flexislate tiles to make curved roof installation even easier.

Brava Offers The Best Roofing Material For Curved Roofs

When it's time to tackle your curved roof, look no further than Brava roof tiles. Our unparalleled quality and durability make our roof tiles the ideal choice for your curved roof!

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