A Closer Look at 50 Year Shingles & Tiles

50 year shingles and tile

In the United States, approximately 5 million people get a new roof for their home every year. Roofs have different lifespans based on the material you select. For a long-lasting roof, it’s essential to choose highly durable shingles and tiles that a manufacturer backs with a solid warranty.

Standard asphalt shingles—the most common roofing material—lasts about 15 years. Heavier materials—including clay, slate, and metal roofs—can last more than 50 years but are expensive and difficult to maintain.

If you’re looking for an affordable and long-lasting option, consider 50 year shingles and tiles. Brava Roof Tile offers an extended, transferable 50 year limited warranty for all of its highly durable shingles and tiles and manufactures easy-to-maintain composite shingles and tiles built to last the lifetime of a home.

What Are Standard Roofing Warranties?

The average cost of replacing a home's roof is somewhere $6000 to $20,000. For many homeowners, this is a significant investment they want to protect. Most new roofs come with two types of warranties:

  • Manufacturer warranty that covers material defects
  • Installation warranty that covers labor and installation issues

Standard roofing warranties might sound great initially, but once you start digging into the details, you might find that a 25-year, 30-year, or "lifetime" warranty doesn't give you much protection. In most cases, it's better to select roofing materials from a manufacturer like Brava that offers a 50 year warranty.

Standard Manufacturer Warranties

The terms of a roofing warranty can be confusing. Often, manufacturers offer a “limited lifetime warranty.” In most cases, “lifetime” is defined as only the time you own the property and is void once you sell it. Also, shingle and tile manufacturer warranties have a lot of fine print. Each roofing material manufacturer explains its conditions differently, but some standard conditions specify that the warranty covers only:

  • The cost of defective materials and not the labor costs to replace the tiles or shingles
  • Replacement of defective materials only for a short period
  • Factory defects

Standard Contractor Warranties

Reputable roofing companies typically offer an installation warranty. The terms vary, but most of these warranties protect against improper installation or materials broken during the roofing process. They usually cover the cost of materials and labor to repair the roof. Most contract warranties exclude roof damage caused by:

  • Storms and wind
  • Ice
  • Issues caused by roof alterations post-installment
  • Impact from falling debris like tree limbs
  • People walking on the roof

What Are 50 Year Shingles and Tiles?

What Are 50 Year Shingles and Tiles?

50-year shingles and tiles are roofing materials that manufacturers guarantee beyond a standard warranty. 50 year warranties and the quality of the materials vary depending on the manufacturer. Brava offers a transferable 50-year limited warranty on all its products to provide more protection for the homeowners. Brava's product warranty differs from many competitors because it is transferable, meaning the protection doesn't end if you sell your home—you can transfer it to the new owner. Brava's warranty also covers the costs of replacing defective materials and installation for the entire length of the warranty period.

Are 50 Year Shingles More Durable Than Other Materials?

Brava’s roofing materials not only have an extended warranty, but Brava manufactures its products with materials that are more durable than traditional roofing. We make shingles and tiles from composite, which is stronger and requires less maintenance than asphalt and other types of roofing. Brava’s synthetic tiles and shingles are thick but lightweight, weighing up to 65% less than traditional materials and making them easier to install. However, just because they're light doesn't make them less durable than heavy clay and asphalt. Brava certifies its roofing materials to withstand the highest levels of fire, wind, and hail.

The company offers three types of roofing materials all designed to replicate the appearance of natural roofing materials. However, unlike raw stone and wood, Brava can create shingles and tiles in any color.

  1. Synthetic Spanish or barrel roof tile: Brava Barrel Tile replicates the look of natural clay but is not fragile like clay. Brava barrel tiles are similar in thickness to clay tiles but weigh much less and require almost no maintenance.
  2. Synthetic cedar shake: Brava Cedar Shake is an outstanding alternative to natural wood shingles and shake. Brava manufactures it to replicate the appearance of cedar shake, including natural cedar irregularities and thickness.
  3. Synthetic slate tile: Brava Old World Slate mirrors the look of natural slate but is more durable and much less likely to break. It’s far less costly than natural slate, one of the most expensive and fragile roofing materials.

Looking For a Quality Roofing Material? Choose Brava

Don't use an inferior product on one of your most significant investments. Trust Brava to provide you with a long-lasting, high-quality roof backed with a 50-year warranty. Contact Brava at (844) 290-4196 or view our products online now.